Listening Books – A fantastic resource

Its not just us that thinks its a great resource – Schools think its fantastic too.

“I wanted to give you some feedback as to how your charity has helped my son. He had struggled with all his school work, despite trying his best, throughout his childhood and he was eventually diagnosed in his teens with dyslexia. The educational therapist who assessed him recommended the Listening Books charity. I felt he had nothing to lose, his first choice was a book from one of his favourite films “The Lord of The Rings”, which he persevered with. I persuaded him to try the Harry Potter books. Initially he was reluctant, but the books grew on him until the point that he could not wait for the narrator Stephen Fry and was reading ahead of himself independently. This was a turning point for him, and his school work began to improve significantly. He passed most of his GCSE’s (apart from German), gained 3 A levels and has a BSc degree (2:1) from Loughborough University. He is now an avid reader. I want to thank everyone who is part of this charity as your efforts have played a part in helping my son to turn his life around. Thank you.”

Parent of Member

“I support a child who has an identification of Dyslexia and have recently introduced him to Listening Books and we are already seeing a huge improvement in his engagement with texts because he can listen to an participate in class discussions with his peer group.”

Teacher, Kirkcaldy West Primary School

All of our schools that are connected to the emPSN network have free access to the Listening Books taster catalogue which is updated on a monthly basis.

Listening Books provide a postal and internet-based audiobook service to children and young people who have a disability or illness that impacts their ability to read the printed word. They have a huge range of fiction and non-fiction titles for both adults and children and support the National Curriculum from Key Stage 2 to A-Level. With over 9,000 titles in their full catalogue, there is something for everyone.

If you require access to Listening Books, please contact emPSN at support@empsn.org.uk or call 01604 879869 and we can supply your school with login details.

Below are some downloads that can be used in your school:

Certificate – Acknowledging small achievements, particularly for those that find reading or holding a book challenging.

Poster – to promote the service and encourage children to use Listening Books.

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