ESS Change to Customer Support Portal

Updated 12th Jan 2022

We would like to confirm some changes taking place with ESS and their support arrangements

ESS will be making upcoming change to the system used to provide customer support, the go live for this is now set at the 24th January.

As you may already know, ESS is in the process of separating from Capita and as a result, ESS is migrating support services into their own customer services platform.

This is an exciting development for ESS. ESS will have full control of the systems used to provide support, so we will be able to implement the ESS vision of the future, which will enable ESS to service customers even better than before.

This process should be mostly invisible to you, and your user experiences will remain the same.

An initial list of FAQs is attached below. We will contact you again as we get closer to switchover date with further guidance and information.

Please note that, for customers with Capita products, support will continue to be provided by Capita.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please get in touch with your usual contact at ESS.

Kind regards,
ESS Services Team,

What is the customer support portal?
The portal enables ESS-supported customers to create, update and track their support cases. It also provides a central location to keep up to date and share knowledge via the knowledge bases, communities and forums.

Why is this happening?
As a legal requirement of the ESS/Capita commercial separation, ESS needs to operate fully independently of Capita and therefore needs to own and support its customer service platform. The benefit of having our own platform is that we will be able to serve our customers better.

What does it mean for me?
Your profile and data will be moved to our new ESS support system and the migration should be mostly unnoticeable to you. Screens and interfaces will remain the same, so you will have the same user experience as now. However, the URL will change.

Will this change the way I get support?
No, except that there will be a new URL for the Customer Portal once we have migrated. This is because, for customers of ESS products, support for the new customer services system will be provided fully by ESS, and not Capita. You will receive further guidance on this closer to the time.

What happens if I have some Capita products?
Customers who continue to use Capita products, as well as being migrated to ESS, will continue to have access to Capita support.

Currently all case references have the CS prefix. Will case references change?
The format of the case refences will not change. CS stands for ‘Customer Service’ which is the module within the portal that provides case management.

I currently receive email alerts when my case is updated. Will this change?
Emails will still be sent out; however, the email address they are sent from will change. Please check that our domain @educationsoftwaresolutions.co.uk is added to your ‘safe senders’ list.

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