Christmas 2021 Checklist

With Christmas nearly upon us (doesn’t it seem to come round quicker each year?), the hustle and bustle of nativities and Christmas songs being sang, as we edge closer to the end of term.

To prepare for your Christmas break, please take a minute to read the below checklist, to help make sure there are no unwanted interruptions over the festive period, or in fact any uninvited surprises waiting for you on your return to school in the new year.

🎄 Please DO NOT switch off your router. This will trigger alarm bells and the service desk will try to get in contact with you and you most likely wont be there.

🎄 Please notify the Nasstar service desk of any planned works over the holidays. Call 0845 122 6873

🎄 Ensure that all back ups and updates are completed before powering down devices.

🎄 Secure all computers and IT equipment.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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