Verify domains in Apple School Manager

The deadline for schools to verify their domains within Apple school manager is looming, schools must complete the verification process by Decemeber 2021 to avoid unverified Apple accounts being removed.

The Apple bulletin reads…

From 26 May 2021, Apple will require organisations to verify all existing unverified and new domains that are associated with Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager.

After 26 May, you’ll no longer be able to use unverified domains to create new Managed Apple IDs. Existing Managed Apple IDs in an unverified domain will continue to work during a provisional period, but will need to be migrated to a verified domain before December 2021. You’ll still be able to manage devices, update existing Managed Apple IDs and create new Managed Apple IDs on verified domains and the reserved domain. The reserved domain is created automatically.

In December 2021, all unverified domains will be removed from Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager organisations. Managed Apple IDs will be migrated to the reserved domain. End users won’t be notified of this change. All roles and privileges will remain intact, including the account password and associated email address. For example, if you’re using the domain example.com and don’t verify before December, managed Apple IDs will be renamed from person@example.com to person@examplecom.appleid.com automatically.

To prevent disruption, verify your domain now or move your Managed Apple IDs to a verified domain or the reserved domain.


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