KCOM Video 2

Here at emPSN we have been working with KCOM to create some short videos to help you understand your connection better.

KCOM – Future Proofing your Infrastructure

In this video, we look at how KCOM was able to support the transition to remote and blended learning over the past year through the pandemic.

emPSN & KCOM – Future-proofing your infrastructure

00:23: Hi and welcome to our second video from KCOM.  Here we will be talking about future-proofing your infrastructure. So how was KCOM able to support the transition to remote learning and blended learning during lockdown?

00:37: Well even in lockdown with most pupils working from home schools’ connectivity is as important as ever and we have noticed that.  Surprisingly, the consumption of services is also as much as when schools were fully occupied so we have increased capacity so the schools can be guaranteed high-speed services during the lockdown.

00:55: How did KCOM use the pandemic to learn how to meet the needs of the ever-changing and ever tech-enabled education sector.

01:03: Maybe the key learning for me is that even technology has its limits and there is no real substitutes for the classroom, we all miss schools being open and the pupils being able to mix with their friends and to have teachers teaching in real life and I think we are all thankful now that schools have returned safely.

01:21: How does KCOM ensure that their connectivity is at the forefront of network improvements?

01:27: There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to provide a safe and secure network.  We are increasingly using cloud-based services and we are investing in a new cloud-based platform to help us provide services which can be more efficient and improve our service to the school.  Areas, where we plan to increase our investment, are in service now and you may have heard these as buzzwords but ‘AWS cloudservice’ and Cisco networking technologies.

01:52: Thanks ever so much

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