KCOM Videos

Here at emPSN we have been working with KCOM to create some short videos to help you understand your connection better.

In this video you will hear from KCOM about how KCOM is a trusted supplier, explaining how their connectivity is suitable for the education sector and how they have established themselves as a leading Internet Provider

emPSN & KCOM – Trusted Supplier

00:23: Hello and welcome, firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Aimee and I work within the Marketing department at emPSN.  Now emPSN is dedicated to the public good connecting school and local organisations to safe, secure, and stable internet networks.  We provide safe spaces for children to learn and grow as well as robust connections for local organisations to share data in a secure environment.  We have recently been working closely with our partner KCOM to bring you some short videos talking all things broadband from future proofing your infrastructure to the service you should expect to receive from KCOM.   KCOM is a leading UK communications service provider for the public sector and enterprise organisations across the UK. Our first video will be looking at KCOM as a trusted supplier.

01:13: Yes Hi, I am James Caplan. I am the client principle for KCOM for emPSN, so essentially what I do is I look after emPSN within KCOM so I am the advocate, so any opportunities or agendas that emPSN have with KCOM I help facilitate that and vice versa and look to further the relationship between emPSN and KCOM and ultimately you in the schools.

01:42: So firstly, how are you different to other internet providers, and what makes your connectivity suitable for the education sector?

01:50: emPSN and KCOM talk to a lot of schools and the things they mention most are security and the speed of connectivity and of course value for money.  The higher standards of security is the governance public services network or ‘psn’ for short which is the same ‘psn’ as in emPSN name.  KCOM is one of the very few Internet providers that meet this level of security.  When it comes to speed there are many providers of the last mile connectivity, and these are companies like BT, Virgin, and Talk Talk just to name a few.  KCOM has commercial agreements with pretty much all the providers in the UK and that’s so we can choose the right one for your school.  Value for money is probably even more important right now than it has ever been and emPSN are very very careful of its selection of KCOM through an open procurement which mandated exactly how much money could be made and therefore emPSN can see exactly where the money goes.

02:52: Can you give me examples of how KCOM is more than just the internet?

02:57: Yes as I mentioned before security, network speeds, and value for money but another benefit that comes from being ‘psn’ compliant is the government’s accreditation for public services organisations and it’s the provision of firewalls and at the heart of emPSN network are several resilient Cisco firewalls which provide protection for schools.  This means that the schools don’t need to buy and configure their own firewalls and it also means that MAT’s can exchange information securely and easily.

03:29: How has KCOM established itself as a leading IP?

03:33: Just before lockdown KCOM won the Nottingham City Council network which is also one of my other customers and this was in an open competition.  We did this for the same reasons that we won the emPSN tender.  We tailored our offer precisely to the customer’s requirements and to their budget.  We have used a mixture of suppliers such as BT, Virgin, City Fibre and the network provides high speeds at an unbeatable value and we bring the same rigorous approach for the benefit of all the schools on the emPSN service, and an even broader choice of last mild providers

04:12: That’s great, thanks ever so much for your time.  Look forward to seeing you soon.

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