Christmas Preperation

Preparing for your shutdown can help make sure that you do not have any unwanted interruptions over the festivities or any uninvited surprises waiting for you when you return in the New Year!

Here is a quick list of checks to make before you break up for Christmas:

🎄 Your Internet connection is managed so we ask that you please do not turn off your router. This will trigger alarms and the service desk will be trying to get hold of you to progress this as a potential fault.

🎄 Please notify the KCOM service desk of any planned works over the holidays.

🎄 Ensure all backups and updates are completed before powering down devices for storage.

🎄 Secure all computers and IT equipment.

🎄 Make sure to set your Out of Office with contact numbers of who people can contact in an emergency.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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