Summer Holiday Checklist

The summer holiday is almost here, whilst we know for many that doesn’t mean switching off for 6 weeks, it does often mean a little bit of downtime on school networks.

Before your school shuts doors over summer, make sure that you’ve considered the following…

  • Please don’t turn off your router! If you do, KCOM will try to get hold of you to see why your managed service is down and you might not be there.
  • Please notify the KCOM service desk of any planned works over the holidays.
  • Ensure all backups and updates are completed before powering down devices for storage.
  • Secure all computers and IT equipment.
  • Make sure staff have access to the remote desktop (if your school has one) and aren’t taking sensitive material home on unprotected devices such as USBs.
  • Make sure to set your Out of Office with contact numbers of who people can contact in an emergency.

We hope you have a wonderful summer, if you need us, we’ll be here every Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm.

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