Advice for finding the best broadband service for your school

We know that schools want to get the best value for money on their broadband service but we wanted to highlight to you the importance of comparing like for like when looking for connectivity.

At emPSN, we offer a managed and secure firewall; 24 hours a day 365 days a year monitoring and support, telephone and online; from an OJEU compliant framework as standard on all of our connectivity packages. So we might not be the cheapest deal but we have a secure set up suitable for schools.

What’s more is that schools can change services providers without having to change their connectivity because we work with a group of trusted suppliers giving you flexibility and choice over your services.

Beware of any supplier who says a standard Business broadband connection and services will be suitable for your school. This is not the case. A standard business service is generally not appropriate for a school environment where you are handling sensitive data and providing access for children and young people.

Thinking of changing your broadband provider? Talk to us first about getting a competitive rate for continuing your service with us and or an upgrade. Call our team on 01604 879869.

Read the advice from the NEN about what to look for in a broadband connection.

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