Being mindful of technology use in the classroom

Classrooms, and the technology with them, have changed a lot in recent years. How do we create a balance between screen time and face-to-face time in an effort to improve the wellbeing of teachers and students?

Faster internet for an efficient learning experience

Being able to do things quickly improves the experience for teachers and students. A faster internet connection means quick downloads, easy video replay and the ability to find results fast. This means that students can do research efficiently and teachers can have access to resources for their class, knowing it will work.

Filtering for a safer internet browsing in schools

Not worrying about what student are looking at gives teachers peace of mind in lessons. Filtering can protect students from unwanted content and give the school control over what sites students have access to. It also means your internet service provider can keep tabs on any malicious behaviour.

Access to resources to help with lesson planning and resources

There are many free resources online to help teachers plan. As an emPSN member, you have access to the Audio Network, NEN resources, Listening Books, British Pathe and member only events. With these free learning resources and face-to-face time, schools can find helpful information to support the curriculum.

Switch off time

Technology also offers us some solutions to help us switch off, like apps such as Forest or Calm. Many schools are now offering yoga and meditation to students and staff, to help improve their mental wellbeing.

Real-life examples

As well as screen-time, it is important to integrate the outside world into the classroom, whether that’s on school trips, outside speakers or team projects.


What do you do in your school to get the balance right? Give us your examples on Twitter using the hashtag #mindfultechchat


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