Netsweeper bring in Transparent Filtering

Netsweeper Transparent Filtering solution on emPSN is the next generation of web Filtering technology enabled to provide next generation security and network monitoring. The solution will transparently filter all traffic configured to transparently route through the Netsweeper emPSN Cloud solution. Empowering your Internet Experience, this new emPSN solution utilises next generation firewalling as well as Netsweeper’s filtering technology, enabling your users to have a clean, safe, Internet experience.

The solution has been implemented with high availability utilising the latest in load balancing and high availability technology to provide a complete redundant and reliant system. Netsweeper aims to deliver market leading technology to the education sector and has done for over 18 years in this sector. With transparent filtering, proxy settings are no longer a requirement with deployment made simply by altering settings at the router level rather than device level.

Netsweeper has engineered the solution so that no hardware or software is needed to be installed on the schools site and instead schools can have access to their own administration platform from the cloud. Per user policies and reports can be accessed from the schools platform to deliver highly intuitive and granular control over staff and student access with education based categories.

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