Online Radicalisation Prevention Strategy

With 43% of those responsible for technology in schools not feeling equipped to safeguard pupils from radicalisation online[1], ensuring that we can provide the tools that schools need to combat this is more important than ever.

Netsweeper is a long-standing partner to emPSN and are responsible for content and web filtering. Over the last few years, Netsweeper have invested in a radicalisation prevention strategy, to help schools combat this rising concern.

To provide schools with a service that exceeds the requirements of prevent duty guidance issued by the home office, Netsweeper provide several tools to help prevent radicalisation and terrorist content from reaching students and staff. Including:

  • Real-time web filtering
    • If new radicalisation content is spread on the Internet, it takes Netsweeper a maximum of twenty seconds to block the content for its 500 million user base.
  • Radicalisation categories
    • If a new radicalisation website is created, the page is scanned and assigned a category, and is blocked to the user.
  • Multi-language filtering
    • Netsweeper offers filtering in over 30 languages.
  • Home office collaboration
    • Netsweeper collaborates with the Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit (CTIRU) to help find and block new content being published online

You can read about Netsweeper’s radicalisation prevention online. If you have any concerns about how to prevent extremist material from reaching your school network, please do get in touch and we can ensure that you have the best tools in your school.

[1] http://www.educationbusinessuk.net/news/20042017/radicalisation-top-concern-uk-schools

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