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SIMS ID Standard

Product Description:

•    Provides integration between SIMS ID and:Microsoft Office 365 providing you with a set of Office 365 student and faculty accounts, and the ability to manage those accounts via SIMS ID.
•    The Capita Office 365 service integrates Microsoft’s Office 365 Education plan directly with SIMS ID, and thus with the school MIS.  This ensures changes to a school’s MIS also update on the Office 365 service, for example when users join or leave a school you can easily alter personal details across all services. Similarly integrating SIMS ID also synchronises SIMS timetable data with Office 365 calendar information.
•    Integration with SIMS ID provides user single sign on capability.
•    Office 365 through SIMS ID automatically signs the school up for The Education E1 plan, the included services, and binds

SIMS ID as the single point easy-to-use web management tool for easy control of address book distribution lists and email address. Where a school already has an Office 365 tenancy, this can be adopted and linked to SIMS ID.

NOTE: The email service from Office 365 is filtered.


•    SIMS ID Light or SIMS ID standard – please see dependencies for this service
•    Eligibility under the terms of Office 365 Education licensing agreements

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