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A range of options are available to help your school with SIMS.


SIMS ID Light from Capita includes Office 365 mail filtering

The replacement for OPENHIVE ID offers seamless integration with SIMS and Hosted SIMS for automatic creation of SIMS ID accounts and Office 365 (will also work with other management information systems.)

Benefits include:

•    Intuitive management and user interfaces
•    SIMS timetables populated into Office 365 calendars
•    Upgrade opportunities for automated account creation in your local Active Directory
•    Integrates with Hosted SIMS

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Identity and Access Management

SIMS ID provides identity management, authentication, single sign on (SSO), and Shibboleth “identity provider” (IdP) services. SIMS ID service is an enterprise class solution for user management via a Web Interface facilitating the following functionality:

•    User Management enables the SCo member/ customer to create and modify accounts individually or in bulk using CSV files and/or reports from supported MIS Systems (e.g. Capital SIMS, Serco facility CMIS)
•    Capita SIMS customers enjoy seamless automated user creation direct from their SIMS database
•    Additional control provided for manipulating Office 365, Hosted SIMS, and Webshield applications on a per site or user basis
•    Group Management enables the SCo Member/ customer to create and modify groups, modify the membership and email settings
•    Delegated access model allows relevant access to be granted to relevant members of an organisation, ensuring only authorised personnel are able to make changes to a user or group:
o    Single sign on to cloud services of the hosted platform such as Office 365 and Hosted SIMS
o    Single sign on to Shibboleth protected resources via UKAMF IDP
o    Single sign on to partner services using Shibboleth, Oauth or other compliant technologies.


•    Browsers must meet the minimum Requirements to use the identity service. For browser compatibility and any known limitations refer to the minimum browser specification.
•    Administrators of sites using an MIS other than Capita SIMS must be able to export IAM data from their MIS system in a compatible format (typically comma separated values, CSV formatted files).
•    Site administrators of sites using Capita SIMS must enable the People Discovery Service with SIMS Service Manager.
•    Users must be Education Users only.
•    Service provision is subject to due diligence and acceptance by SP of the suitability of the site/ user and their data and systems to use the service.

SIMS ID Standard

SIMS ID Standard from Capita is the single point easy-to-use web management tool for easy control of address book distribution lists and email address. Where a school already has an Office 365 tenancy, this can be adopted and linked to SIMS ID.

Product Description:

•    Provides integration between SIMS ID and:Microsoft Office 365 providing you with a set of Office 365 student and faculty accounts, and the ability to manage those accounts via SIMS ID.
•    The Capita Office 365 service integrates Microsoft’s Office 365 Education plan directly with SIMS ID, and thus with the school MIS.  This ensures changes to a school’s MIS also update on the Office 365 service, for example when users join or leave a school you can easily alter personal details across all services. Similarly integrating SIMS ID also synchronises SIMS timetable data with Office 365 calendar information.
•    Integration with SIMS ID provides user single sign on capability.
•    Office 365 through SIMS ID automatically signs the school up for The Education E1 plan, the included services, and binds

Note: The email service from Office 365 is filtered.


•    SIMS ID Light or SIMS ID standard – please see dependencies for this service
•    Eligibility under the terms of Office 365 Education licensing agreements

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Hosted SIMS

Product Description

By making SIMS more accessible and reducing the time spent maintaining your IT systems, you can focus on embracing the power of your school’s data to boost pupil attainment and drive improvement. With Hosted SIMS from Capita, both teaching and non-teaching staff can access SIMS from any internet connected device, letting you enjoy all the features and functionality of SIMS, wherever you are. This flexible approach to the management of your MIS gives you the freedom to focus on improving outcomes across your school.

Benefits include:

•    Access to Discover and Hosted FMS available subject to licence
•    Multi-site access can be provided for trusts and federations.
•    Remote access to SIMS from any internet connected device
•    Fully-managed service – no ongoing infrastructure upgrade costs as all upgrades and back-ups will be carried out by us to ensure your system is working at optimum efficiency
•    Your SIMS database will be securely hosted using Microsoft Azure removing the need for a dedicated SIMS server in school
•    Compatible with 3rd party software

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