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About eSafety4schools

Since being accredited on the emPSN Framework in 2013 eSafety4schools (ES4S) has built a client base of over 300 schools thanks to recommendations generated due to our excellent service and support. Understanding the budgetary restrictions that Schools work under, we have produced bundled packages that are suitable for schools with a range of IT experience from those with little IT experience, right through to those with their own dedicated IT department or 3rd Party support company.

From, age appropriate Web Filtering to a fully monitored PREVENT specific solution eSafety4schools will help schools meet the DfE’s ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ and Ofsted requirements.

Why choose eSafety4schools?

esafety4schools filtering

We have a small dedicated support team ranging from ex-teachers to apprentices who all care passionately about the services they offer. It is the help and support that we provide that separates eSafety4schools from others in the market place. Our UK support desk prides itself on diagnosing support issues on the initial call as they are all 2nd line trained and will be personally responsible for resolving the support call.

The education specific services we provide are;

Web Filtering – Adhering to the DfE’s ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ requirement we deploy, manage and support a solution that includes the Internet Watch Foundation List (WF) and the CTIRU anti-terrorism list. NBy deploying our servers within the emPSN network, eSafety4schools is able to provide differentiated levels of filtering to defined user groups and produce per user reports on a scheduled or demand basis. Local Administration is provided to put the school or 3rd party support company in control.

Securus Monitoring – For Windows and Mac machines an agent is deployed that ‘Captures’ all incidents of inappropriate behaviour, thus anything typed into the device or looked up via the Internet is captured – these Captures are then sent to a Portal where they can be either reviewed by the Schools DSL/SLT or if taken as a managed service the Captures are reviewed by CEOP accredited Safeguarding experts.  Combining Web Filtering with Securus Monitoring provides the most comprehensive e-safety solution for keeping users safe whilst allowing them to access all the benefits of the online world.

Bring your own Device (BYOD) / Public Access Service – Bring your own Device (BYOD) / Public Access Service – this ensures that all non-school owned devices that access the Internet  via the schools WIFI access points are filtered and more importantly kept on a separate virtual Network, thus ensuring the security of the school’s curriculum network.

Email Filtering – whilst Office365 & Gmail have free inbuilt protection its at a relatively basic level, and as email exploits continue to be one of the leading ways schools’ networks are compromised, eSafety4schools offers a product that takes an alternative approach that looks for evasive techniques – eSafety4schools can also look after the schools Office 365 tenancy.

DNS Domain Name Service Hosting and/or Web Hosting – are included in our packages or can be bought separately.

Cloud Back-Up and Disaster Recovery (DR) – offering a hybrid approach our solution ensures minimum downtime whilst all data is always backed up and protected

Voice over IP (VOIP) enables a school to save money by using their Internet connection to make calls. The eSafety4schools solution provides enhanced features and a softphone option

All our services are available for a free trial


Bundle Price – includes Provisioning, Testing, Maintenance and Support 

School Size   DNS  O365 Tenancy   Web Filtering   Web Hosting   Cost Per Annum  Managed Web Filtering  
0 -100 £600 £300
101 – 300 £1,200 £300
301 – 600 £1,800 £300
601 – 800 £2,400 £300

Cost of products and discounts  

Discounts are available on second and third products purchased  

User Price when quoted is Staff + NOR 

Product or Service  One-Off Provision Cost  12 Month Cost  36 Month Cost 
Web Filtering   £350  £3 per user  £6 
Management of Web Filtering  £200  £300  £850 
Securus Prevent Software  Included  Primary = £1,000 

Secondary = £2,500 

Monitoring of the Securus Captures and Reports  Included  Primary = £1,000 

Secondary = £2,300 

E-mail Filtering   £350  £8 Per Mail Box  £20 Per Mail Box 
BYOD  £350  Up to 60 users £250 

Unlimited Users £500 

Up to 60 users £500 

Unlimited Users £1000 

DNS  £250  £100  £250 
Remote Access – min 10 users  £250  £250 

*£15 per user  

Web Hosting  £250  £100  £250 
Back Up and DR*    £6,500   


  Per User/PCM 

Silver ** £10.99 Bronze £4 *** 

Add phone £4 PCM 


*4TB On Site Box providing immediate back up & includes an Additional 4TB Storage in Cloud 

** Silver licence includes 1,000 minutes to landline and 400 minutes to mobile, 36 month commit only 

***Bronze licence – all the features and functionality of Silver except calls are charged individually rather bought as bulk 

How to move your services

If you are looking to move your services from your current application service provider to e-Safety4schools, please download the Moving Services to eSafety4schools within emPSN guide.

How to order

To order any of the eSafety4schools products or services please call 0333 344 6501, email info@esafety4schools.com or visit their website to find out more www.esafety4schools.com

Terms & Conditions

Please read eSafety4schools terms & conditions for the supply of goods and services.