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emPSN work with a selection of different service providers to offer e-Safety services to schools throughout the East Midlands.


E-safety is very much a hot topic at present for all schools and educational establishments throughout the UK, especially following the government guidelines released in December 2015 by Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan:

“All schools will be required to put in place strengthened measures to protect children from harm online – including cyber bullying, pornography and the risk of radicalisation.”

E-Safety: An explanation

E-Safety or online safety is the ability to maximize a user’s personal safety and prevention of security risks to private information and property associated with using the internet, and the self-protection from computer crime in general.

As the number of internet users continues to grow worldwide, e-safety is a growing concern for both children and adults. Common concerns regarding safety on the internet include: malicious users (spam, phishing, cyberbullying, cyber-stalking. etc.), websites and software (malware, computer viruses) and various types of obscene or offensive content. Several crimes can be committed on the Internet such as stalking, identity theft and more.

emPSN E-Safety

emPSN work with several service providers that offer e-Safety services to schools in order to minimise the risk for pupils and staff alike when using devices that connect to the internet when in school.

Our main service providers that offer this to schools are Capita and e-Safety4schools. Both suppliers can provide a whole range of e-safety services including email filtering, web filtering, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), anti-virus software, connectivity filtering and back-up, to name just a few. To find out more please visit:

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