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Primary Schools

emPSN provide cost effective and reliable connectivity to over 800 Primary Schools throughout the East Midlands.

Selecting Broadband connectivity for your school

We understand that the Broadband requirements for your school will vary depending on your number of pupils, the curriculum delivery and operational needs of your school. However, a high level of reliability and performance is essential, which is what you receive through the emPSN network.

We aim to provide you with the most cost effective Broadband solution that will meet your bandwidth requirements and application services are offered through our catalogue of service providers.

To discuss your school’s requirements, please contact the emPSN office on: 01604 879869

FTTC Benefits for Primary Schools

FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet), provides a very cost effective connection for primary schools with downstream bandwidths of up to 80Mbps at a fraction of the annual costs of fibre circuits. Over the last two years, BT have enabled large areas of the country to be able to receive FTTC, and embc have worked with BT in testing this connectivity for schools use. Some emPSN schools were pilot schools and the first in England to get fttc. emPSN has since used the FTTC connectivity extensively across the East Midlands and have found the service to be a great improvement over other copper based services and a benefit particularly for primary schools

Filtering and other services

Filtering is an essential service to have with your broadband connection as it provides the secure set up you need at your school to keep staff and students safe online.

Find out more about why filtering is important in our video, and view our filtering options.

Application Services

We also offer additional application services to complement your connectivity.

Find out more about the services we offer through our trusted service providers.