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emPSN provide a number of IT services to schools through our catalogue of suppliers, including broadband connectivity and application services.

Primary Schools

emPSN work with primary schools in the East Midlands region, providing broadband connectivity and a range of application services to many sites. Primary schools often do not have the budget for a specialist IT person or Network Manager and this is where emPSN can help in finding the right solution for these schools.

Secondary Schools

emPSN provide cost effective broadband connectivity to over 150 secondary schools throughout the East Midlands. We work alongside the Network Manager to advise on the best possible solution for your school size and scope.

Special Schools

emPSN work with various Special (Special Educational Needs) Schools. The requirements that these schools have often differ from ordinary schools due to the additional support and IT pressures a special schools faces. Find out more about what emPSN can do for your school.

Independent Schools

emPSN are able to provide connectivity and application services including a connection to the NEN to Independent Schools.