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Site Dedicated IP Addresses – Setup Dates

For reference, the planned roll out for the dedicated NAT addresses currently set out below.  Actual is subject to change, if there is an issue the change will take place in a later batch.

Please search on the emPSN site code below.

Where you already had a dedicated NAT you are not accounted for below.  Sites not listed below will be actioned in later phases of work.  Please contact support@empsn.org.uk if you have issues.  Thanks

Reference Details

Sites Dedicated IP Addresses

Roll Out Dates

Site ID Date of NAT Change
DCS100 9th Oct
DSI001 21st Aug
DSI003 21st Aug
DSI004 21st Aug
DSI015 21st Aug
DSI024 21st Aug
DSI025 9th Oct
DSI028 9th Oct
DSI030 21st Aug
DSI033 9th Oct
DSI034 21st Aug
DSI035 27th Aug
DSI039 27th Aug
DSI041 21st Aug
DSI046 21st Aug
DSI047 21st Aug
DSI048 21st Aug
DSI049 21st Aug
DSI052 21st Aug
DSI056 21st Aug
DSI057 21st Aug
DSI058 21st Aug
DSI059 21st Aug
DSI060 21st Aug
DSI064 9th Oct
DSI066 21st Aug
DSI067 9th Oct
DSI071 21st Aug
DSI072 9th Oct
DSI074 21st Aug
DSI075 21st Aug
DSI076 9th Oct
DSI078 21st Aug
DSI078 21st Aug
DSI079 9th Oct
DSI081 21st Aug
DSI083 9th Oct
DSI085 21st Aug
DSI086 21st Aug
DSI087 21st Aug
DSI095 21st Aug
DSI097 21st Aug
DSI098 21st Aug
DSI100 21st Aug
DSI103 21st Aug
DSI105 21st Aug
DSI107 21st Aug
DSI109 21st Aug
DSI110 21st Aug
DSI111 21st Aug
DSI112 21st Aug
DSI116 21st Aug
DSI117 21st Aug
DSI118 21st Aug
DSI120 21st Aug
DSI122 21st Aug
DSI123 21st Aug
DSI125 21st Aug
DSI127 21st Aug
DSI129 9th Oct
DSI133 21st Aug
DSI134 21st Aug
DSI135 21st Aug
DSI136 21st Aug
DSI140 21st Aug
DSI140 21st Aug
DSI141 21st Aug
dsi143 21st Aug
DSI144 9th Oct
DSI145 9th Oct
DSI150 21st Aug
DSI153 21st Aug
DSI154 21st Aug
DSI156 21st Aug
DSI157 21st Aug
DSI162 21st Aug
DSI163 21st Aug
DSI165 9th Oct
DSI166 21st Aug
DSI170 21st Aug
DSI171 9th Oct
DSI173 21st Aug
DSI176 21st Aug
DSI178 21st Aug
DSI182 21st Aug
DSI189 21st Aug
DSI191 21st Aug
DSI193 9th Oct
DSI195 21st Aug
DSI198 21st Aug
DSI199 9th Oct
DSI200 9th Oct
DSI202 21st Aug
DSI210 21st Aug
DSI212 21st Aug
DSI213 21st Aug
DSI218 21st Aug
DSI219 9th Oct
DSI222 21st Aug
DSI225 21st Aug
DSI229 21st Aug
DSI232 9th Oct
DSI234 21st Aug
DSI236 21st Aug
DSI237 21st Aug
DSI239 21st Aug
DSI242 9th Oct
DSI244 21st Aug
DSI247 21st Aug
DSI254 9th Oct
DSI256 27th Aug
DSI260 21st Aug
DSI261 21st Aug
DSI263 27th Aug
DSI265 9th Oct
DSI266 21st Aug
DSI272 21st Aug
DSI273 9th Oct
DSI275 21st Aug
DSI278 21st Aug
DSI285 21st Aug
DSI286 21st Aug
DSI288 9th Oct
DSI289 9th Oct
DSI290 21st Aug
DSI291 9th Oct
DSI293 21st Aug
DSI297 21st Aug
DSI298 27th Aug
DSI301 9th Oct
DSI305 21st Aug
DSI306 21st Aug
DSI311 21st Aug
DSI313 21st Aug
DSI315 21st Aug
DSI316 21st Aug
DSI319 21st Aug
DSI321 21st Aug
DSI324 21st Aug
DSI325 27th Aug
DSI326 21st Aug
DSI327 9th Oct
DSI329 21st Aug
DSI335 21st Aug
DSI336 27th Aug
DSI337 21st Aug
DSI340 9th Oct
DSI344 9th Oct
DSS003 8th Aug
DSS003 8th Aug
DSS003 8th Aug
DSS006 8th Aug
DSS009 8th Aug
DSS010 9th Oct
DSS012 8th Aug
DSS013 9th Oct
DSS023 21st Aug
DSS026 21st Aug
DSS027 21st Aug
DSS028 9th Oct
DSS029 21st Aug
DSS031 21st Aug
DSS042 27th Aug
DSS044 8th Aug
DSS044 8th Aug
DSS044 8th Aug
DSS049 21st Aug
DSS123 9th Oct
DSS130 8th Aug
DSS130 8th Aug
DSS130 8th Aug
DSS131 9th Oct
DSS141 21st Aug
DSS143 21st Aug
DSS145 21st Aug
DSS146 21st Aug
DSS147 27th Aug
DSS149 9th Oct
DSS153 21st Aug
DSS155 21st Aug
DSS157 21st Aug
DSS158 21st Aug
DSS164 9th Oct
DSS188 9th Oct
DSS405 9th Oct
DSS458 21st Aug
DSS459 9th Oct
DSS669 8th Aug
DSS669 8th Aug
DSS669 8th Aug
DSS670 9th Oct
DSS673 27th Aug
ELN002 27th Aug
LCS001 9th Oct
LCS004 9th Oct
LCS005 9th Oct
LCS007 9th Oct
LCS008 8th Aug
LCS008 8th Aug
LCS008 8th Aug
LCS401 27th Aug
LCS401 27th Aug
LCS402 21st Aug
LCS402 21st Aug
LCS404 9th Oct
LCS405 21st Aug
LCS409 8th Aug
LCS409 8th Aug
LCS409 8th Aug
LCS411 9th Oct
LCS419 9th Oct
LCS502 21st Aug
LCS502 21st Aug
LCS502 21st Aug
LCS502 21st Aug
LCS505 9th Oct
LCS510 21st Aug
LCS510 21st Aug
LCS514 21st Aug
LCS516 8th Aug
LCS516 8th Aug
LCS516 8th Aug
LCS518 21st Aug
LCS518 21st Aug
LCS521 9th Oct
LCS551 21st Aug
LCS551 21st Aug
LCS552 9th Oct
LCS554 21st Aug
LCS554 21st Aug
LCS565 9th Oct
LCS571 9th Oct
LCS573 9th Oct
LCS578 9th Oct
LCS583 9th Oct
LCS590 21st Aug
LCS590 21st Aug
LCS595 9th Oct
LCS600 21st Aug
LCS600 21st Aug
LCS601 21st Aug
LCS602 8th Aug
LCS602 8th Aug
LCS602 8th Aug
LCS607 21st Aug
LCS611 9th Oct
LCS612 27th Aug
LCS621 9th Oct
LNCN1904 27th Aug
LNCS0001 27th Aug
LNCS0002 27th Aug
LNSS0001 8th Aug
LNSS0001 8th Aug
LNSS0001 8th Aug
LNSS0002 27th Aug
LNSS0003 8th Aug
LNSS0003 8th Aug
LNSS0003 8th Aug
LNSS0004 27th Aug
LNSS0004 27th Aug
LNSS0004 27th Aug
LNSS0004 27th Aug
LNSS0004 27th Aug
LNSS0005 27th Aug
LNSS0006 27th Aug
LNSS0006 27th Aug
LNSS0008 27th Aug
LNSS0008 27th Aug
LNSS0011 27th Aug
LNSS0012 27th Aug
LNSS0013 22nd Aug
LNSS0014 27th Aug
LNSS0014 27th Aug
LNSS0018 22nd Aug
LNSS0020 22nd Aug
LNSS0023 22nd Aug
LNSS0024 27th Aug
LNSS0025 27th Aug
LNSS0040 27th Aug
LNSS0040 27th Aug
LNSS0040 27th Aug
LNSS0040 27th Aug
LNSS0040 27th Aug
LNSS0046 27th Aug
LNSS0047 27th Aug
LNSS0049 27th Aug
LNSS0050 27th Aug
LNSS0053 27th Aug
LNSS0053 27th Aug
LNSS0054 27th Aug
LNSS0054 27th Aug
LNSS0054 27th Aug
LNSS0055 22nd Aug
LNSS0056 27th Aug
LNSS0057 22nd Aug
LNSS0058 22nd Aug
LNSS0060 27th Aug
LNSS0060 27th Aug
LNSS0060 27th Aug
LNSS0061 27th Aug
LNSS0062 22nd Aug
LNSS0081 27th Aug
LNSS0083 22nd Aug
LNSS0088 27th Aug
LNSS0090 27th Aug
LNSS0090 27th Aug
LNSS0090 27th Aug
LNSS0091 22nd Aug
LNSS0092 21st Aug
LNSS0096 27th Aug
LNSS0098 27th Aug
LNSS0121 27th Aug
LNSS0121 27th Aug
LNSS0124 27th Aug
LNSS0124 27th Aug
LNSS0125 27th Aug
LNSS0125 27th Aug
LNSS0126 27th Aug
LNSS0130 22nd Aug
LNSS0131 27th Aug
LNSS0132 22nd Aug
LNSS0133 22nd Aug
LNSS0135 22nd Aug
LNSS0137 27th Aug
LNSS0138 22nd Aug
LNSS0139 22nd Aug
LNSS0140 21st Aug
LNSS0141 22nd Aug
LNSS0142 27th Aug
LNSS0143 22nd Aug
LNSS0144 22nd Aug
LNSS0146 22nd Aug
LNSS0149 22nd Aug
LNSS0150 27th Aug
LNSS0151 22nd Aug
LNSS0152 22nd Aug
LNSS0153 22nd Aug
LNSS0154 27th Aug
LNSS0155 22nd Aug
LNSS0156 22nd Aug
LNSS0158 27th Aug
LNSS0159 22nd Aug
LNSS0160 27th Aug
LNSS0400 22nd Aug
LNSS0402 22nd Aug
LNSS0404 27th Aug
LNSS0405 27th Aug
LNSS0406 22nd Aug
LNSS0408 27th Aug
LNSS0409 22nd Aug
LNSS0410 22nd Aug
LNSS0411 22nd Aug
LNSS0413 21st Aug
LNSS0414 22nd Aug
LNSS0416 22nd Aug
LNSS0418 22nd Aug
LNSS0419 21st Aug
LNSS0420 22nd Aug
LNSS0420 22nd Aug
LNSS0421 27th Aug
LNSS0422 22nd Aug
LNSS0423 27th Aug
LNSS0424 22nd Aug
LNSS0425 22nd Aug
LNSS0426 27th Aug
LNSS0427 22nd Aug
LNSS0428 22nd Aug
LNSS0430 22nd Aug
LNSS0431 27th Aug
LNSS0432 27th Aug
LNSS0432 27th Aug
LNSS0433 22nd Aug
LNSS0434 22nd Aug
LNSS0435 27th Aug
LNSS0436 22nd Aug
LNSS0437 22nd Aug
LNSS0438 22nd Aug
LNSS0440 22nd Aug
LNSS0442 22nd Aug
LNSS0443 22nd Aug
LNSS0444 22nd Aug
LNSS0445 27th Aug
LNSS0446 22nd Aug
LNSS0501 22nd Aug
LNSS0503 22nd Aug
LNSS0504 27th Aug
LNSS0506 22nd Aug
LNSS0507 22nd Aug
LNSS0508 27th Aug
LNSS0509 27th Aug
LNSS0510 22nd Aug
LNSS0511 22nd Aug
LNSS0512 22nd Aug
LNSS0513 22nd Aug
LNSS0514 22nd Aug
LNSS0515 22nd Aug
LNSS0516 22nd Aug
LNSS0517 22nd Aug
LNSS0518 22nd Aug
LNSS0519 27th Aug
LNSS0520 27th Aug
LNSS0521 22nd Aug
LNSS0522 22nd Aug
LNSS0522 22nd Aug
LNSS0525 22nd Aug
LNSS0527 21st Aug
LNSS0528 22nd Aug
LNSS0530 22nd Aug
LNSS0531 22nd Aug
LNSS0534 27th Aug
LNSS0534 27th Aug
LNSS0535 22nd Aug
LNSS0536 21st Aug
LNSS0537 22nd Aug
LNSS0539 22nd Aug
LNSS0539 22nd Aug
LNSS0541 21st Aug
LNSS0545 27th Aug
LNSS0547 22nd Aug
LNSS0548 22nd Aug
LNSS0549 22nd Aug
LNSS0550 22nd Aug
LNSS0551 22nd Aug
LNSS0552 21st Aug
LNSS0554 22nd Aug
LNSS0555 22nd Aug
LNSS0558 27th Aug
LNSS0559 22nd Aug
LNSS0560 22nd Aug
LNSS0562 22nd Aug
LNSS0563 22nd Aug
LNSS0564 22nd Aug
LNSS0565 22nd Aug
LNSS0566 22nd Aug
LNSS0567 7thAug
LNSS0568 7thAug
LNSS0569 22nd Aug
LNSS0571 22nd Aug
LNSS0600 22nd Aug
LNSS0601 22nd Aug
LNSS0602 22nd Aug
LNSS0603 22nd Aug
LNSS0605 22nd Aug
LNSS0606 22nd Aug
LNSS0607 22nd Aug
LNSS0609 27th Aug
LNSS0611 27th Aug
LNSS0612 21st Aug
LNSS0613 22nd Aug
LNSS0615 22nd Aug
LNSS0617 22nd Aug
LNSS0618 22nd Aug
LNSS0620 22nd Aug
LNSS0621 22nd Aug
LNSS0622 22nd Aug
LNSS0623 27th Aug
LNSS0624 27th Aug
LNSS0625 22nd Aug
LNSS0626 27th Aug
LNSS0628 22nd Aug
LNSS0629 22nd Aug
LNSS0630 27th Aug
LNSS0631 22nd Aug
LNSS0632 27th Aug
LNSS0633 22nd Aug
LNSS0635 27th Aug
LNSS0636 22nd Aug
LNSS0637 22nd Aug
LNSS0638 22nd Aug
LNSS0639 27th Aug
LNSS0640 22nd Aug
LNSS0641 22nd Aug
LNSS0643 27th Aug
LNSS0645 22nd Aug
LNSS0646 27th Aug
LNSS0647 22nd Aug
LNSS0648 27th Aug
LNSS0649 22nd Aug
LNSS0651 27th Aug
LNSS0653 22nd Aug
LNSS0653 22nd Aug
LNSS0654 21st Aug
LNSS0656 22nd Aug
LNSS0657 22nd Aug
LNSS0658 22nd Aug
LNSS0659 22nd Aug
LNSS0660 27th Aug
LNSS0661 22nd Aug
LNSS0663 22nd Aug
LNSS0664 22nd Aug
LNSS0665 27th Aug
LNSS0666 22nd Aug
LNSS0667 22nd Aug
LNSS0667 22nd Aug
LNSS0668 22nd Aug
LNSS0669 22nd Aug
LNSS0670 21st Aug
LNSS0672 22nd Aug
LNSS0673 22nd Aug
LNSS0674 22nd Aug
LNSS0677 22nd Aug
LNSS0678 22nd Aug
LNSS0679 22nd Aug
LNSS0680 22nd Aug
LNSS0682 22nd Aug
LNSS0684 22nd Aug
LNSS0685 22nd Aug
LNSS0687 21st Aug
LNSS0688 22nd Aug
LNSS0691 21st Aug
LNSS0692 22nd Aug
LNSS0694 22nd Aug
LNSS0694 22nd Aug
LNSS0695 22nd Aug
LNSS0696 27th Aug
LNSS0698 22nd Aug
LNSS0700 22nd Aug
LNSS0701 22nd Aug
LNSS0703 22nd Aug
LNSS0704 22nd Aug
LNSS0705 22nd Aug
LNSS0706 22nd Aug
LNSS0708 21st Aug
LNSS0709 22nd Aug
LNSS0710 22nd Aug
LNSS0711 22nd Aug
LNSS0712 22nd Aug
LNSS0713 27th Aug
LNSS0714 22nd Aug
LNSS0715 22nd Aug
LNSS0716 22nd Aug
LNSS0717 22nd Aug
LNSS0719 27th Aug
LNSS0720 22nd Aug
LNSS0721 22nd Aug
LNSS0722 22nd Aug
LNSS0723 22nd Aug
LNSS0724 22nd Aug
LNSS0725 22nd Aug
LNSS0726 22nd Aug
LNSS0727 22nd Aug
LNSS0732 22nd Aug
LNSS0734 22nd Aug
LNSS0736 22nd Aug
LNSS0737 22nd Aug
LNSS0738 22nd Aug
LNSS0739 22nd Aug
LNSS0742 27th Aug
LNSS0743 27th Aug
LNSS0744 27th Aug
LNSS0746 22nd Aug
LNSS0748 27th Aug
LNSS0750 22nd Aug
LNSS0751 22nd Aug
LNSS0753 22nd Aug
LNSS0754 27th Aug
LNSS0755 27th Aug
LNSS0756 22nd Aug
LNSS0757 22nd Aug
LNSS0758 22nd Aug
LNSS0760 22nd Aug
LNSS0761 22nd Aug
LNSS0763 22nd Aug
LNSS0764 22nd Aug
LNSS0765 22nd Aug
LNSS0766 22nd Aug
LNSS0767 22nd Aug
LNSS0769 22nd Aug
LNSS0770 22nd Aug
LNSS0771 22nd Aug
LNSS0772 22nd Aug
LNSS0773 22nd Aug
LNSS0773 22nd Aug
LNSS0774 27th Aug
LNSS0775 22nd Aug
LNSS0776 22nd Aug
LNSS0777 27th Aug
LNSS0778 22nd Aug
LNSS0779 27th Aug
LNSS0780 22nd Aug
LNSS0793 27th Aug
LNSS0794 27th Aug
LNSS0796 27th Aug
LNSS0797 27th Aug
LNSS0797 27th Aug
LNSS0797 27th Aug
LNSS0798 22nd Aug
LNSS0800 22nd Aug
LNSS0803 27th Aug
LNSS0809 7thAug
LNSS0810 27th Aug
LNSS0811 27th Aug
LSCH001 27th Aug
LSI007 21st Aug
LSI008 21st Aug
LSI009 21st Aug
LSI014 21st Aug
LSI021 9th Oct
LSI023 27th Aug
LSI034 21st Aug
LSI035 9th Oct
LSI083 21st Aug
LSI087 21st Aug
LSI088 21st Aug
LSI088 21st Aug
LSS002 27th Aug
LSS003 27th Aug
LSS006 9th Oct
LSS015 27th Aug
LSS026 21st Aug
LSS026 21st Aug
LSS026 21st Aug
LSS029 27th Aug
LSS031 27th Aug
LSS031 27th Aug
LSS060 27th Aug
LSS416 21st Aug
LSS501 21st Aug
LSS506 27th Aug
LSS508 9th Oct
LSS512 9th Oct
LSS522 9th Oct
LSS554 9th Oct
LSS556 21st Aug
LSS563 9th Oct
LSS566 21st Aug
LSS579 9th Oct
LSS590 21st Aug
LSS595 21st Aug
LSS630 21st Aug
LSS652 27th Aug
LSS655 27th Aug
NCS405 7thAug
NCS407 7thAug
NCS409 8th Aug
NCS410 21st Aug
NCS410 21st Aug
NCS412 8th Aug
NCS416 9th Oct
NCS417 8th Aug
NCS424 21st Aug
NCS427 21st Aug
NCS434 21st Aug
NCS500 9th Oct
NCS502 21st Aug
NCS502 21st Aug
NCS511 21st Aug
NCS511 21st Aug
NCS512 21st Aug
NCS512 21st Aug
NCS513 21st Aug
NCS518 21st Aug
NCS524 9th Oct
NCS532 21st Aug
NCS553 9th Oct
NCS561 21st Aug
NCS568 21st Aug
NCS576 21st Aug
NCS582 9th Oct
NCS585 21st Aug
NCS587 27th Aug
NCS589 21st Aug
NCS590 27th Aug
NCS591 21st Aug
NCS591 21st Aug
NCS593 27th Aug
NCS600 9th Oct
NCS603 9th Oct
NCS604 7thAug
NCS605 7thAug
NCS605 7thAug
NCS616 27th Aug
NCS616 27th Aug
NCS617 27th Aug
NHS083 9th Oct
NHS645 27th Aug
NHS702 21st Aug
NSS003 8th Aug
NSS004 9th Oct
NSS005 9th Oct
RCS001 8th Aug
RCS004 21st Aug
RCS004 21st Aug
RCS510 8th Aug
RCS511 9th Oct
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