RM – Maintenance Windows

With the recent avalanche of updates for security vulnerabilities, the rate at which RM have been doing maintenance updates recently and/or deploy improvements to the platform have become really frequent. We hope you’d agree that RM are much better at dealing with patching, updates, vulnerabilities etc. than in the past.

To ensure that the RM infrastructure providing Web Hosting is always up to date and protected against known security issues (as well as delivering regular service improvements), we will be performing security patching, bugfix, service and software updates during two fixed weekly maintenance windows:

Tuesday 8pm – Wednesday 6am
Thursday 8pm – Friday 6am

These will be standard maintenance windows and will be completed without the usual notification and have devised this set of rules for changes that can be done in those windows:

• ‘Low risk’ changes only
• No changes which are anticipated to affect customer use of the service (beyond servers dropping in/out of load balancers)
• No changes to non-resilient services (eg. single web-servers)
• No changes which are likely to exceed the allowed window

Anything that fails those rules above will be subject to the usual notification/texts etc. The number of notifications recently is beginning to garner feedback that’s not negative per se – but customers think we may have an issue when all we’re doing in some cases is keeping things patched.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the RM support team

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