Remote Access Options on emPSN

It is becoming more common than not for schools to commission remote working for staff and even students to allow the continuation of teaching, learning, and even administration.

We offer schools a number of options to enable these solutions either through our centralised services or via customer-managed and commissioned solutions.

Centralised Service

emPSN offer a centrally managed VPN solution that allows a school to dial into the network and access as though on the LAN.  The service uses the VPN client native to Windows and IOS operating systems.  This service is a private cloud offering for schools to use on a per-user subscription basis.

The VPN service can be configured in several ways to suit, for example, to allow administrators to access the entire network or staff access to just portions of it or just a single profile allowing access to the whole network.

  • Access Controls – Controls VPN into individual IPs/devices, a range or ranges of IPs/devices, or your entire IP address range/site.
  • User Groups – Users can be associated with the access profiles allowing them to securely use the resources within the school.
  • Users – Individuals who use the service.

Customer Managed Solutions

emPSN provides a centralised firewall solution that allows us to offer external IP addresses securely mapped to devices on the LAN.  This enables a site to have a secure internet visible server through which access can be configured and managed locally.

Where schools have use of Microsoft Educational Licensing this is could be the most favorable and cost-effective method of delivery as it allows use of Direct Access (or similar) services integral to the school’s IT setup.  However the centrally managed service covers the full delivery so there are no hidden costs to run, upgrade and own the solution.

If you would like to discuss either of these options further, please contact us at support@empsn.org.uk

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