Network – On Net Speed Test

We offer a speed test service on network for the purpose of testing the performance between your site and the emPSN datacentre.  The service is built for use by technical persons at your site.

Please ensure to follow the configuration / setup is used during your tests otherwise the results may be inaccurate:

  • The IP Address is added to the list of Addresses to bypass in your browser’s Proxy Server settings.
  • Ideally your computer should be connected directly into the managed Cisco Router (with a fixed IP address) to rule out other consumers of the bandwidth but as a minimum you should connect your computer directly into the Local Area Network using a directly wired connection.
  • All wireless adapters on your computer should be switched off.
  • All other applications running on your machine should be closed.
  • All Firewall and Anti-Virus software should be temporarily disabled while the tests are carried out. Please ensure you re-enable any anti-virus software and / or firewalls after you have finished testing.

Please be aware of the following during the tests:

  • For speed tests up to and above 100Mbps, older or less powerful computers may struggle to maintain suitable processing throughput to offer an accurate reading.
  • DSL Connections can take up to 10 days to fully train up to its full speed.
  • This speed test is not intended for use on IOS or Android based tablets, smartphones or other mobile devices.

The speed test service can be accessed via

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