Netsweeper – Temporary Elevation of Filtering Privileges

In the scenario where you would like to allow staff or admins the ability to instantly get to a site which is currently blocked.  Netsweeper allows you to add the functionality of disabling filtering for that URL or Category for a temporary amount of time.

We only recommend enabling this facility to Staff filtering policies as the temporary allowance is added at the group level.

This facility can be enabled by filtering administrators for your site or organisation.


The change requires an amendment to the block page to enable a login link, you then require a user account to use the service.


Amend the Block Page

Login to Web Admin – http://ukcloud.netsweeper.com:8080/webadmin/

Click – Policy Management

Click – Group manager

Click the name of the group you want to setup

Click – Specify deny page

Click – Create Content

Enable Deny Page – Tick

Page Edit Options – Rich Text – Checked

On the preview of the block page, click the cursor where you would like the new link to go, (eg under Change your filtering profile) then.

Click the button – INSERT – Select DISABLE LINK

A link appears titled – DISABLE FILTERING

Scroll down and click – Submit

Page Edit Options – Plain Text – Checked

On the HTML (bottom of page) edit the HTML name of the link you’ve just added (>DISABLE FILTERING<)  to be more friendly – eg  >Have a Logon.  You can change your filtering Policy if you login here<

Scroll down and click – Submit


The Block page has now been updated to include the link to login

Test this amendment by browsing to a blocked page eg www.888.com or similar.  You should have your new link on the page.


Add Users to system

Click – Account management

Click – Account Manager

Click – Create

Add the account details

Ensure Classification – User – is checked for this feature

Click – Submit


The user has now been created who will be able to login from the block page



Now when the blocked page appears you will have the option to login, enter details and then enable the site / resource for the period of time.  This impacts the filtering policy for the duration so DO NOT APPLY TO THE STUDENT POLICIES


Browse to a blocked resource – www.888.com

Click – Have a Logon.  You can change your filtering Policy if you login here

Login with your account

Select the options you would like




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