National Theatre Collection JCS – Registration Information

Access to the JCS National Theatre Collection is available free to UK state-funded Schools and Further Education Colleges.  To use this resource you must register to the service offering a number of school identifiers including your public IP address.

The registration process for the National Theatre Collection requires schools to list a fixed IP address dedicated to your school.  emPSN sites are configured with an IP address dedicated to each and every site so this is available by default.  Please use the details below to obtain your IP and configure your services locally.

Based on your local configuration there are some options to allow you to use this resource.  If you are unclear or get stuck please get in touch via support@empsn.org.uk and we will be happy to help.

  1. Where you use Explicit Proxy with one of the emPSN centralised web filtering solutions (from Capita, eSafety4schools or NetSweeper,) please do the following:
    • Add a proxy bypass for the following URL – www.myipaddress.com
    • Visit – www.myipaddress.com– and note your public IP address in preparation for registration.
    • For your site’s computers, add a proxy bypass for the following URL – dramaonlinelibrary.com – this will ensure the resource is accessed directly on your dedicated IP address.
  2. Where you use Transparent Proxy with the emPSN centralised web filtering solution (from NetSweeper) please do the following:
  3. Where you use your own Web filtering solution you will need to obtain the public IP address or addresses used by your local web filter or web filter devices. www.myipaddress.com will provide Public IP address details for the session but you may also require further addresses if you have, for example, multiple filter devices.


Visit https://jcsonlineresources.org/national-theatre-collection-registration-form/   and complete the online form for your school

Further Help

Please get in touch via support@empsn.org.uk and we will be happy to help

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