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KCOM Customer Portal – Performance

KCOM Customer Portal – Performance

Viewing Performance Data

Along the top bar of the Portal is the Global Navigation Menu, selecting ‘Performance’ will take you to the Performance Data.

The Performance Data allows you see the Availability and Utilisation/Usage data for your sites KCOM connection.

Availability Data

The availability information displays the output from KCOM monitoring, this offers a view on whether or not your sites managed router was accessible from the management services.  Where your managed router was contactable and available this will be shown in green.  For periods where your router was not contactable this will show in orange, this could be an indication that there was an issue, perhaps the connection was down or the router was powered off.

Availability information is useful in fault finding scenarios to determine if there was an issue with your service at a particular time.  It is also a good measure of the service performance and reliability of your empsn connection.

Utilisation Data

The utilisation information shows the usage on your connection into the empsn network.  The tool offers a view of the average – AVG and the maximum – MAX usage on the connection within the given period.  The period is selectable from the day, week or month, so for example you can view the average usage for the past week.

Utilisation information is useful in capacity planning situations as this offers clarity on what you are actually using.  The utilisation trend of Internet services is to increase around 20-30% per year, this is due to the demand of richer content and usage of cloud and web based application services.


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