Capita – SIMS ID Service Update Cycle 72

Details of the feature changes and improvements from Cycle 72

SIMS ID for All Users

Password Change Event Logs

Within the My Profile page users will now be able to see password change events being logged. The password changes events that are logged and displayed are below, each of the events has a data and time stamp for when the password was reset, you will also be able to who changed your password.

  • Password Change – You have changed your own password.
  • Password Change – Your password has been reset by a Site Administrator or a member of the support team.
  • Password Reset – You have used the forgotten password function on the login page of SIMS ID


Standardised personal menu

The top navigate menu has been standardised allowing you to always access.

  • Your Profile
  • Change password – where available
  • Set Security Questions – where available
  • The User Guide
  • Announcements
  • Log Off

Multi-Site Users Tile Loading

Minor improvements have been made to the tiles displayed for specific sites for multi-site users within SIMS ID, the tiles loading when changing sites are more dynamic in loading and will no longer be required to do a refresh in order to display the new tiles that have been added to the site

SIMS ID for Site Administrators

Standardised Members Selection

The way users are added to groups when managing groups in Web Filtering, ADI, Google and Office365 is now consistent.

Username Formats Page Updates

One of the new features for username formats management is the clone button which lets you quickly copy the site default to all user roles for further adjustment.

Another update for username format management is more user-friendly messages that will inform you of what values mean, what changes will occur when you use the clone and clear functions as well as what the default values are for your site.


Information on all SIMS ID functions can be found on the SIMS ID Support Page

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