Capita – Service Updates Feb 2019

Please remember – SIMS ID is subject to weekly maintenance and upgrades works, this maintains service performance and introduces new features, details of when this takes place is outlined here https://www.empsn.org.uk/knowledge-base/capita-maintenance-windows/ 

Visible developments made over the quarter include

A new login page for SIMS ID 

A new login page was launched bringing a cleaner look to the service 

Product-specific backgrounds are also provided. For example, users logging into SIMS Primary will see SIMS Primary specific background 


SIMS ID Active Directory Account Management launched 

A new Service has launched.  SIMS ID Active Directory Management, this service bring flexible AD provisioning and account management directly from your SIMS Data. 

Site Administrators are able to configure the new Active Directory Account Management service (subject to purchase).  The new screens allow them to Enable/Disable the flow of Users & Groups in to their configured Active Directory and configure how Groups, Users and AD attributes are provisioned.  For further information on this service please see https://id.sims.co.uk/support/wiki/88  

GDPR Warning Messages to Data Downloads. 

SIMS ID takes data security seriously.  

When a user goes to download data within the CSV provisioning facility and/or the Report Viewer that contains Persona Identifying information a suitable message is provided that advises the end user that by downloading the data, they become the owner of that data and will be responsible for it and provides further advice on securing that data. 

Quicker Load Times for the Home Screen 

Updated SIMS ID Launcher Screen performance 

The SIMS ID launcher screen had been re-engineered to give: 

Faster load times 

The ability to change the tiles displayed for users with access to two or more sites in SIMS ID 


Addition of E-Mail Address to SIMS ID CSV Import 

The User CSV has been updated to include with a new column, this new column is E-Mail and is used to add an external email address to a user this populates into the SIMS ID data set.  Management of users by CSV is used by customers who do not use SIMS. 

The added e-mail will be available as an alternative email for Notifications allowing system notifications to be sent to the user should the user enable this feature. 

User Provisioning to Custom Containers within G-Suite Tenancy (for sites with Google Tenancies) 

A new tab has been added to the Google section of Preferences to allow a Local Administrator define custom containers for the STAFF and STUDENT provisioning inside the GSuite tenancy.  This is used for customers who wish to segregate accounts in G-suite to assist in management of that service. 

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