Capita – Service Updates Aug 2019

Please remember – SIMS ID is subject to weekly maintenance and upgrades works, this maintains service performance and introduces new features, details of when this takes place is outlined here https://www.empsn.org.uk/knowledge-base/capita-maintenance-windows/ 

Visible developments made over the quarter include

SIMS ID for “ALL” Users

New My Profile Layout

We have updated the My Profile layout to make it simpler and to group similar screens.

Login Alias

Inside My Profile, we have added a new screen called My Login Alias’ to allow users to add

additional login alias to their SIMS ID account.

The Login alias is an alternative username, that a user can use to sign into SIMS ID.

A user will be able to login with the Alias or with their provisioned SIMS ID username.

For users where SIMS ID is used to sign into Office 365 or Google, they will be able to use this

Alias, or either their Office 365 or Google usernames to login to SIMS ID.

To Add an Alias

Navigate to the login alias page

> click on the custom option within the page

> enter the login alias you wish to use

> A verification email will be sent to the email address you have set as an alias.

> Click the link within the email to verify the account.

Once the alias has been verified you will be able to login into SIMS ID with it alongside your SIMS

ID account. The alias will also be added to a list of verified alias’ for your SIMS ID account that

you will be able to switch between when you want.

Forgotten Password Change with Email

We have added a new method of resetting users passwords within the Forgotten Password

process, this new process uses a verified email account.

If you have a verified account associated with your SIMS ID account you will be able to use the

forgotten password process to send an email to your account and from there follow a link within

the email that will take you back to SIMS ID and allow you to change your SIMS ID password.

NB Users will not be able to use a mail account managed by SIMS ID for this purpose.

If a user does not have access to their mail, they can still use the password reset option based on

Security Questions.

Forgotten Password Change notification

We have added a new notification you will be able to receive if you are using announcements,

you will receive the new notification if you change your password through either method of the

Forgotten Password process.

Removal of ‘Set Security Questions’ screen on initial login

For users who have been provisioned by the new registration flow. These users are able to

recover their accounts via email and therefore do not need to set security questions as a

mandatory initial login task. Setting ‘Security Questions’ for these users is not mandatory on the

first login but can still be set from the context menu.

SIMS ID for Admin Users

Update to Tile Store Layout to support third-party integrator applications

The tile store has been split into two sections, Available tiles which shows site created tiles and

installed applications that can be added to users Launch Pads and ‘Available Applications’ that can

be installed before being added to users Launch Pads.

For more information please visit the SIMS ID Support page

at https://id.sims.co.uk/support/wiki/14


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