ESS- Service Updates Feb 2021

Please remember – SIMS ID is subject to weekly maintenance and upgrades works, this maintains service performance and introduces new features, details of when this takes place is outlined here https://www.empsn.org.uk/knowledge-base/capita-maintenance-windows/ 

Visible developments made over the quarter include

SIMS ID for “Site Administrator” Users.

Managing Office 365 settings

Office 365 Licence settings

A bug has been resolved within Office 365 Licence Rule Management in Preferences. Local site Administrators can now add, delete, and edit license rules.

Academic Session settings.

Academic Session Settings within Preferences -OneRosterwere not fully editable. Local Site Administrators can now create/edit and delete academic sessions. These Academic Sessions are used by some aspects of Microsoft SDS and the grade write back to SIMS 7.

User Management

Google Management Screen Updates

The Google user management screen has been updated to use the standard user management layout to bring consistency to the user interface.

This drives a consistent UX in all areas the people picker screen is used.

Google Manual Provision People Picker Updates

In User Management, in the Google Management screen, Local Site administrators can now use the standardised people picker when selecting users to manually provision to their Google Tenancy. This allows selection by MIS groups as standard.

  • The people picker supports provision all users within the group that do not already have a Google mailbox
  • House Groups
  • Registration Groups
  • Year Groups
  • User-Defined Groups
  • User Type
  • Individual users

This makes the process more efficient and gives a better UX

Google ends the Grade Writeback pilot.

The grade sync pilot between Google Classroom has concluded. There was minimal take up by SIMS customers, this is partially reflective of the lower number of Google customers making use of SIMS ID. Google have no plans to move this to General release in the near future.

Temporary Password bulk reset

An improvement has been made to the way bulk resetting temporary passwords by selecting MIS groups is handled. This is to cater for where multiple MIS groups are selected for a bulk password reset and individuals are in more than one of the selected MIS groups eg class 4JK and year 4. Passwords for users in this condition are only reset once and are reported correctly.

Microsoft Teams (SDS) Self-Onboarding

SDS Profile Message Update

We have updated the message shown to Local Site Administrators attempting to create an SDS profile to confirm that the MS Tenancy Admin user-supplied must have the necessary O365 licenses in order to provision SDS profiles.Microsoft requested SDS data improvements

The Microsoft SDS service is constantly evolving to better support remote learning during COVID-19. Microsoft have request changes in the SIMS ID data provision and integration to allow schools to make use of the new Microsoft Provisioning mechanism and other performance and stability improvements.

Tile Store Available Application Screen

Local Site Administrators may note that the number of Tiles in the Available Applications screen has reduced. Any application that is not available for install by schools outside of a specific pilot group has been hidden.

SIMS ID for Technical Integrators

The following elements apply to Technical Integrators that use SIMS ID for Single Sign-On, or data exchange from SIMS ID or SIMS Primary.

Development Application Functionality

New functionality has been added to the Technical Integrator Client Management process that will allow existing and new applications to be set as Developer Applications. This is to allow piloting of completed applications in the live environment prior to general release to schools. This removes confusion caused to customers who see an available application but are not eligible for it’s use during the pilot phase.

Technical Integrator Admin API

An API now available to integrated parties to administer data flows programmatically once a school has approved the transfer of data.

Multifactor / Two-factor Authentication (2FA) setup screens.

We have made improvements to the Two-factor authentication set up screens that users at sites with 2FA enables are presented when they initially set up or reset their 2FA credentials:

The new screens include:

  • a statement explaining what 2FA is and how this is used.
  • Links to 2FA authenticator Apps from Google and Microsoft either can be used and both are free of charge.

The new process provides a simplified setup for authenticator applications that require the user to input a code from the authenticator application as part of the process. This prevents users from being locked out should the setup be incomplete.

We have also added an additional screen that informs the user, following successful setup of the 2FA Application or Memorable Passphrase that SIMS ID access will require them to complete 2FA the next time they log in. This confirms to the user that they have successfully completed the activity.

The 2FA reset screens within the Users My Profile have been changed to use the new screens to provide a consistent approach to 2FA management.

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