Firewall – Obligations

Through the completion of the firewall change empsn will permit or deny the traffic as outlined within the form or as is required for the application / service at the time of implementation.  Whilst we endeavour towards and strongly advise implementing firewall rules in a least permission access basis where ever possible, it is your information security.  Where we believe the requested rule is too general or broad as stated you will be asked to be more specific.  If you do not understand the implications of the change being requested you are advised to seek guidance from your local IT Manager or IT support partner.

It remains the responsibility of the Site Administrator (or appointed delegate) for the effective operation of the equipment situated within the customer network.  This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring that the devices which access or are accessed from the Internet are hardened, patched, and maintained with appropriate security updates and that access logs are regularly checked to monitor unauthorised access or breach.

emPSN recommends that customers review firewall rules regularly to ensure security is maintained for customer equipment and devices.

Please be realistic about the time table for when you would like the change to be completed.  A standard change would be to setup rules for a new device you are deploying, this has a target SLA of 5 working days from the point the change is triaged and approved.  Urgent changes can be actioned quicker on the basis acceptable justification is given, we cannot guarantee urgent requests can be treated as such – almost everyone asks for ASAP.  Where changes are urgent please title the change EXPEDITED.

Upon completion of the request we ask that you conduct testing and request for ticket closure in a timely manner.  Changes will be closed 3 working days after completion or where customers do not respond.  If you have issues with a change once a ticket is closed please create a new change request with KCOM Change Control – https://portal.kcom.com – referencing the original change details (Change References are in the format CRxxxxxx CR and then a number)

Where an adjustment is required to an in process change, please do not be offended when asked to raise a further change to achieve the additional requirement.  If your initial change has been implemented on the firewall, we will ask for further adjustments to be raised as additional changes as adjustments need logging, review/triage, build, quality assurance and deployment.

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