Capita – SIMS ID Service Update Cycle 73

SIMS ID for All Users

Username Format Display

In a previous update (Cycle 73) to SIMS ID the Username Format Display Management pages were added into preferences this allow a admin user to set a prefix, username format and a suffix that will be displayed within the banner of SIMS ID, These settings will now be displayed within the banner of SIMS ID

SIMS ID for Office 365 / Google Users

Office 365 / Google Class Provisioning

Sites that use the People Service and SIMS will now be able to have Class Groups provision through into Google and Office 365 Mail Groups

SIMS ID for Site Administrators

Quick Site Switching Link

Multi-site administrator users within SIMS ID will now be able to quickly swap between sites by using the CHANGE SITES link located within the user menu this link will be shown in:

  • Tile Management
  • User Management
  • CSV Importer
  • Preferences

Password Policy Management

Admin users will now have the ability to set the password complexity used by their site for both new and existing users within Preferences.

The user will be able to set the complexity at a site level which will be used by all types of users or at a role specific level where different complexity settings can be used for different roles.

The levels that a admin user can set are:

  • Complex      – At least one UPPERCASE letter & at least one number & at least one special character & at least 8 characters. Example: C&Au2bab  (C&A used to be a brand)
  • Normal        – At least one UPPERCASE letter & at least one number & at least 8 characters. Example: DWwbafc!  (Doctor Who will be a female character!)
  • Relaxed     – At least one UPPERCASE letter & at least 8 characters. Example: MdiBahlb (My dog is Benji and he loves bones)
  • Simple       – At least one UPPERCASE letter & at least 4 characters. Example: MdiB (My dog is Benji)
  • Child         – At least 3 characters. Example: bbw (big bad wolf)


NB: the most complex rule the user(s) can handle should be set.  Staff should be set to Complex..  Users of hosted SIMS will not be able to user the service unless they have a complex password.   Please note setting a simpler password policy does not prevent a user setting a more complex password.

In order to set password complexity a admin user must navigate to their sites preference page and then onto the Manage Password Policies section of preferences, once the user has gotten to this screen they simple select a option from the drop down menu and click on the Save button this should then apply the chosen policy to new users and existing users.

If the user wish to set a policy at for a specific role enable custom policies for user types and use the drop down menu to select a policy.


Information on all SIMS ID functions can be found on the SIMS ID Support Page

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