Capita – Service Updates May 2018

SIMS ID is subject to weekly maintenance and upgrade works, this maintains service performance and introduces new features.  We have been alerted to recent changes which improve schools positions on Data Privacy which is helpful in preparation for GDPR.

10th May – today’s weekly release of functionality SIMS ID helps users comply with Data Privacy while enhancing usability.

In busy school environment it users are often called away from their machine unexpectedly. While locking the device is always preferable it is not always done. SIMS ID steps in to protect data in a staged way without taking the ultimate step of logging the user out and causing disruption to work flow.
SIMS ID provide a configurable three step security model.

1) SOFT LOCK – Users who leave their machines unattended for short periods of time have any personal data, hidden from view and continue to work with a simple button press.
2) HARD LOCK – Users who leave their machines unattended for a moderate period of time have the data hidden and the risk of another individual being able to launch an SSO application or access personal data reduced, a simple password challenge is all that is needed to continue working.
3) LOG OUT the last step in security. The logout time can however be Increased beyond what would normally be the case. This improves usability for users who need to be logged in for extended periods but who only interacted with SIMS ID periodically to launch new applications without compromising on security.
This functionality has been driven by customer feedback and a clear understanding of the need for security and usability in the dynamic environment that is a school

For more information on this functionality see: https://id.sims.co.uk/support/wiki/66/

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