Capita – Service Updates May 2019

Please remember – SIMS ID is subject to weekly maintenance and upgrades works, this maintains service performance and introduces new features, details of when this takes place is outlined here https://www.empsn.org.uk/knowledge-base/capita-maintenance-windows/ 

Visible developments made over the quarter include

SIMS ID  improvements for “ALL” users 

Feedback Option 

A new feedback option has been added to SIMS ID, simply click on the feedback link that is shown in your user menu. Non-Student users will be able to give feedback on the quality and request features for SIMS ID.  

Password Reset 

Increased reliability of the password Self Recovery tool. 

A reported error in the password recovery tool that prevented some users from resetting their passwords has been resolved.  

SIMS ID improvements for Local Administrator 

Username Change Update 

We have received multiple requests to allow the usernames to be changed by admin users rather than having to log a support call.   Any user within SIMS ID can have their username updated by a Local Administrator.  If the user has an Office 365 or Google email this too will also be updated to reflect the username change, this will not affect the mailbox or access to the mailbox in any way. 


New Username Token 

It is now possible to use cohort years as part of a student users generated username.  To support this a new usable token type has been added to the Student user type username formats for both SIMS ID and My Local Active Directory Management. 

MIS Data Re-Sync Option  

Another requested feature from users is to allow their SIMS Data to be resynced and update any SIMS ID data 

This feature has been added to Preferences and will allow admin users to force a re-sync with their SIMS data for both Users and Groups, so if you believe your MIS data within SIMS ID does not correctly reflect the data within SIMS.net, click on either the users or group button and a resync of that data into SIMS ID will occur 

Improved support for sites with multiple domains self onboarding Office 365 

Any site that has SIMS ID can use it to populate Office 365, create Microsoft SDS profiles and provide OneNote Assessment write-back to SIMS for no additional charge.   Local Administrators can ‘Self Onboard’ these services.  The process has been extended to support schools with multiple mail domains in their Office 365 tenancy. 

Office 365 Re-Sync Option for Failed Synced User 

A new feature has been added to user management for Office 365 enabled sites,  this new feature is on the Office 365 tab and is a re-sync button that will allow an Local Administrator to initiate a sync from SIMS ID to Office 365.  This feature can be used when a user’s Office 365 Sync Status is not ‘green and they are unable to access Office 365 from SIMS ID. 

Please note that this will not FIX a user that has a genuine provisioning issue in Office 365 (e.g. you have run out of license in Office 365),  this will only resolve users that have successfully been created both inside SIMS ID and Office 365 but did not update their sync status correctly. 

New OneRoster Academic Session and OneNote Assignment UI to support Microsoft SDS 

Increasing the support for SDS profile data to empower Microsoft teams and Assessment write back from Microsoft Office OneNote and Teams assessment it is now possible to add additional Academic Session and supplementary data that is then provisioned into the Microsoft ecosystem. This feature is found in Preferences -> connected services > Office 365 

Active Directory Account Management (ADAM) Deleted / Disabled OU Mapping 

Admin users that use the ADAM feature of SIMS ID to manage their local Active Directory can now specify the OU container that deleted users will be moved to, if this container does not exist in the AD it will be created within their local Active Directory 

This feature also updates Active Directory provisioning with the ability to restore deleted users back to their original location if they are restored in SIMS or SIMS ID. 

Reporting on tiles and applications used  – understand what tiles users access 

Tile clicks are now monitored by SIMS ID – this allows Site Administrators to see which applications are most used at a site level and individually. This will allow sites to understand if linked applications represent good value for money.  These reports are available in the Report Viewer 

Reset an account when the user has locked it through incorrect 2FA entries  

For sites that have enabled 2FA (find out more about securing your account with 2FA) 

Users can lock themselves out of their SIMS ID accounts after multiple failed 2FA attempts.  

The local Site Administrator can reset the 2FA setting and unlock the account this will allow a user who knows their password but has failed 2FA to log in. 

The local Site Administrator can also set a new password and reset the 2FA setting – this will allow a user to who had forgotten both their password and their 2FA.  Care should be taken that this is done for recognised users only. 

Once the settings have been reset the user will be required to set their 2FA up once again on a successful login 

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