Capita – Service Updates Jan 2020

Please remember – SIMS ID is subject to weekly maintenance and upgrades works, this maintains service performance and introduces new features, details of when this takes place is outlined here https://www.empsn.org.uk/knowledge-base/capita-maintenance-windows/ 


Visible developments made over the quarter include

Performance updates

Several performance enhancements have been rolled out to the platform duringJanuary. These enhancements are to provide better performance under peak load 08:00-09:30am and to improve overall responsiveness of Launchpad load and large data set returns.

Geo-redundancy updates

Work to provide further Geo-redundant applications havebeen carried out across the Euro and UK Azure tenancies.

SIMS ID for “Site Administrators” Users – Tile Store renamed

Within the Tile Store, the Available Tile area has been renamed to Installed Applications & Site Tiles,this area now includes applications added to the Technical Integrators application.

  • Management Buttons for installed Applications / Tiles.
  • Installed Applications/tiles installed from the Available Application area, may require some configuration.
  • Thereare now management buttons for Installed Application and Site Tiles, that allow site admin users to manage these Applications / Tiles.
  • Audience – Set who can see this application/tile.
  • Config – Set configuration values related to the integration.
  • Details – View details of Application including privacy, GDPR and Support links.
  • Uninstall – Uninstall Application.
  • Edit – Edit Tile details.
  • Delete – Delete Tile.

SIMS ID for “Multi-Site” Users.

Multi-Site Users can manage the default tiles displayed on their launchpad.

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