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KCOM Renewals

This page is dedicated to the KCOM renewals campaign to provide regular updates and helpful information to schools in Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Leicester City and Northamptonshire that are due to have their broadband connectivity contracts renewed.

Keeping Engineer Appointments

For all schools that have renewed with KCOM, an engineer will be coming to your site to ensure everything is ready for your new connection.

Please can we ask all schools to be as accommodating as possible once your appointments are booked in.  You will be made aware of any necessary periods of downtime and this will be kept to a minimum.  Please ensure all appropriate staff are aware of the appointment and any downtime, which may come as a result of the engineers visit.

Whilst KCOM can accommodate some changes to appointments if absolutely necessary, BT are not always able to be as flexible. Please bear this in mind.

Your cooperation is much appreciated.

14th September 2016

It is the start of a new school year and as we proceed into the Autumn term, we would like to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to all schools who have already placed their orders, many of whom are already enjoying higher bandwidths and better service delivery. We would also like to remind schools that still have not placed their broadband connectivity order with emPSN/KCOM that the end of your contract is drawing closer.  We must warn you that your school faces a risk of being without internet if you have not acted yet.  If you are not sure, please call or email us, we can help you!

emPSN and KCOM will be contacting all of those remaining schools in Derbyshire and Leicestershire to try and ascertain a final answer as to whether your school plans to renew or whether you will be taking broadband services elsewhere and if the latter is correct, a cease form will be sent to your school for completion and return.

If your school would like to retain your broadband connectivity services with KCOM/emPSN this is excellent news and we shall make the necessary arrangements to put your school into the delivery queue and to try to ensure that there is no break in your service after 31st October 2016.

Update - 05th July 2016

As time draws closer and closer to the school summer holidays and the contract renewal date of the 31st October, we are conscious that some schools still have not placed their order for their broadband connectivity with KCOM. For these schools, emPSN shall be writing letters to advise that we shall be making plans to terminate their service after the 31st October 2016 as we have not heard anything to the contrary.

Please look out for these letters and if you feel that the information is not correct and you would like to place your order, you will need to contact us immediately.

Update - 26th June 2016

The deadline for placing your order and guaranteed continuity of service from 1st November with no breaks has now passed. emPSN are contacting those schools that have not yet placed their orders and we shall continue to do so until the end of the summer term.  If you have not placed your order or are uncertain please do get in contact ASAP.

To date, 158 schools have successfully migrated to their new circuit, with a further 60 schools having their place booked in the delivery queue. The remaining schools, will soon be booked a slot for their migration.

emPSN are working hard with KCOM to achieve the guaranteed continuity of service but we would like to ask all schools if they could assist in the access arrangements to sites during the holidays, where required. Missed or failed visits have a cumulative impact not only on your school but also other schools.

Update - 31st May 2016

The published order deadline for guaranteeing continuity of your KCOM broadband connectivity has now passed – if you haven’t ordered as yet, please do get in contact today and we will advise you on the options available to secure continuity of services from 1st November 2016.

Any orders placed from now on will be placed in the delivery queue. Whilst we shall endeavour to ensure your new broadband connectivity service is delivered before your current contract expires on the 31st October, we are unable to guarantee the delivery of your new service as we are reliant on BT’s roll out program, but we will do our best.

This only applies to schools in Derbyshire, Derby City, Leicestershire, Leicester City and Northamptonshire.

Update - 19th May 2016

If your school’s order is not received by Friday 27th May 2016  (end of term) your broadband service, beyond the end of October is not guaranteed.  KCOM require BT to make changes to your service before October 31st2016 and BT will not guarantee the work will be completed in time to ensure that there is no break in your service for delayed orders.


Update - 25th April 2016

Schools that have not yet placed their orders for continued broadband connectivity will have received letters and emails to encourage order placement before the 27th May 2016. Placing your order before this date means that we can guarantee that your school’s service will continue without any interruption and will be placed in the delivery schedule.

We are busy delivering orders to over 200 schools across the East Midlands so far, so don’t delay…do it today!!

We have highlighted in our most recent communications the importance for schools to place their order now, please see below:

Order Deadline Information

Your KCOM Broadband connectivity is at risk if you do not renew your contract.

Update - 21st March 2016

Following on from our meeting in Leicester City at West Gate school on Friday 18th March, all Leicester schools should now have received their KCOM renewal quotations from Leicester City Council. The LA will contract on behalf of schools based on your quotes and order forms. For information about the LCC Broadband Buy Back package, please contact Rebecca Cowan rebecca.cowan@leicester.gov.uk.

Update - 23rd February 2016

The KCOM renewals campaign is well underway with plenty of schools renewing their broadband connectivity in good time. For those schools that are yet to renew due to waiting for Governors meetings, please do contact KCOM (0808 208 0156) so that they are aware of your schools situation. We shall be writing to schools very soon as a reminder for those that have not yet renewed. Time is of the essence to ensure that we can continue your connectivity without any interruption to service.

We would also like to remind schools that those that have been using Capita (OpenHive) for their application services and have had service issues, this DOES NOT relate to your connectivity with KCOM…the two services are completely separate although it may seem that it is your connectivity that is the issue. embc can help your school to switch suppliers should this have been an issue for you in the past and at present.

Update - 1st February 2016

Schools should now have received further communication from KCOM and emPSN including a quote to renew their connectivity contracts. Please check the expiry date of your quote as we are urging schools to place their orders before the expiry date, which in some cases was the 31st January 2016.  Despite this date having now lapsed, you can still place your order online. Please check your quote for details on how to do this for your school.

Renewing before the quoted expiry date allows KCOM to implement the change sooner rather than later. Your school will benefit from any upgrades in circuit type (where available) but your payments will not change until your current contract expires. If you are not able to order before your quote expiry date or you have any queries or concerns please contact KCOM 0808 208 0156 or emPSN 01604 879869 as soon as possible.

The reason for the expiry date is to protect schools from wholesale price increases and ensure that the roll out of new connections can be completed well in advance of the current contract expiry date of 31st October 2016.

emPSN and KCOM Renewals

emPSN and KCOM are currently in the middle of a renewals and upgrade campaign with a large proportion of our schools in the Leicestershire and Derbyshire regions. It does not relate to the Lincolnshire contracts.

emPSN (embc) have always had our schools best interests at the heart of all of the work we do and we have spent months of planning and working alongside KCOM to provide all schools with the most relevant quotations. Your school will have received a recommended connectivity offer, bearing in mind your individual circumstances. We have sought to offer two additional options that we refer to as ‘Basic’ (not recommended) for schools e.g. ADSL at a cost of £1,700 or a ‘Future Fibre’ option where pricing starts from £6,750.

Points to consider

Services Included In The KCOM Renewals Quotation:

Firewall – we offer a fully managed firewall service, managed by KCOM, it means you do not need to support a firewall on site, and that you or your service support company on your behalf can control it simply through requests made on your service portal
Managed router – we provide a Cisco router (e.g for fttc new orders a Cisco 1921) that allows the active management of your connection remotely and the application of Quality of Service
Installation and migration support – we do not leave you on your own, we will appoint a Project (customer) Manager who will oversee all the work necessary to secure your new service, including an engineer site visit to install your router and test its working before hand-over to you the customer
UK based support – available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
99.9% availability – this is our level of availability

Points To Consider:

1. The quotations received are valid until the 31st January 2016. KCOM’s suppliers have recently advised them of cost increases for FTTC services which will apply in the New Year so we need to state that your quotation is only valid until this date and Kcom cannot guarantee that it will not change.

2. Many schools have asked about applications services (e.g. filtering, DNS hosting, anti-virus) which are contracted separately from your connectivity. Any queries relating to application services should be directed to us here at emPSN and we will help you resolve them. Our current providers are Capita, eSafety4schools (CapitalBytes), RM and LGfL Trustnet. If you wish to remain with KCOM for your connectivity but change application providers, emPSN can help you with this.

3. We work with Multi-Academy Trusts and Cluster Schools. If your school sits within an Academy Trust or group of schools, we can help you to improve your ways of working, remove barriers to effective shared working practices for children, staff and systems and work with KCOM to explore aggregated connectivity and procurements options for school groups.

4. The feedback from some of our schools suggests that they have experienced poor ‘internet service’ whereas the specific issue relates only to the Capita filtering service and this should not be confused with connectivity provided by KCOM.

MAT (Multi-Academy Trust) and Cluster Schools

If you are in a school that is a member of a Multi Academy Trust or is part of a Federation or a cluster your broadband connectivity through emPSN/KCOM is designed to reduce the barriers and costs of shared working. The main one being the ability to work collaboratively and securely within your own Virtual Private Network enabled through the network’s shared firewall, even working with schools who are not currently part of the embc (emPSN) schools network.

To give you further information and find out more, please download our emPSN Multi-Academy Trust Leaflet to help you to understand what we can offer.

Next Steps

As we enter the next school term, KCOM and emPSN will be contacting schools again to discuss the details of your quotation.

As a member of emPSN, we are here to help support your school in making the best choice. We would suggest that schools contact the emPSN team directly if you have any concerns relating to your quotation, application services, general queries, or to book onto the coffee morning. We are also able available to meet with school if this is easier.

If you have any queries, please contact empsn@empsn.org.uk or call us on 01604 879869

If you would like to speak directly with KCOM, please email empsn@kcom.com or call 08082 080156

KCOM Guide to Circuit Types

KCOM, in partnership with emPSN have put together this handy guide which explains the different connection types that are available, the benefits of each one and a timescale idea of how long it takes to fix any faults that may occur.

To download the KCOM Guide to Circuit Types.