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Your service with emPSN

Information about continuing or upgrading your services with emPSN for contracts which run to 31 October 2019.

Your broadband connectivity

This affects schools in the following areas ONLY:

  • Derbyshire
  • Leicestershire
  • Northamptonshire
  • Nottinghamshire
  • Rutland

We currently provide your school’s broadband connectivity and, in some cases, application services. Your current connectivity runs until 31st October 2019, so we want to let you know about options for continuing or upgrading your service with us.

If you’re a Derbyshire school, see the Connectivity for Schools guidance published by Derbyshire County Council.

Choose emPSN

Safe and secure networks

At emPSN, we provide the following on all our connectivity packages as standard, included in your price: two managed and secure firewalls and 24/7/365 monitoring and support; from an OJEU-compliant framework, with peace of mind that your secure set up is designed with school safety in mind.

More than an internet connection

Through our catalogue of trusted suppliers, we can offer schools a range of application services including web filtering, transparent filtering, VoIP, website and DNS hosting, SSL certificates, antivirus, backup and IT support services.

Reliable and robust services with flexibility and choice

All your services will come on one bill and you can change your application service supplier without affecting your connectivity, giving you flexibility and choice without compromising your internet service.

Resilient links

We know that your Internet service is important to you so we can offer resilient options, such as a secondary FTTC connection, from as little as £415 per year. Contact us for more information about adding a resilient link to your service.

Network benefits

Our service has a number of other benefits, which we have broken down below. These benefits are all included as standard on our broadband service, so no added fees. The price you pay includes all of the standard features:

emPSN network benefits


Save a copy of our network benefits table.

The emPSN secure network

Our network infrastructure is highly secure, designed for schools and academies, so staff and students can stay safe online.


emPSN Network Map


Download our service benefits leaflet (PDF)

Your Options

Your current contract with emPSN comes to an end of 31st October 2019, so here are your options:

  1. Continue your current services with us, by accepting your new quote for another 3 year contract.
  2. Upgrade your services with us, by requesting a new quote for an upgraded broadband service.
  3. Add on additional services when you get a quote. We have a range of application services available for schools which can fit with your broadband and will all be billed with just one bill for multiple services.

We will be sending out personalised quotes by post detailing your prices for continuing your existing service and options for upgrades.

Next Steps

We will be sending out personalised quotes by post to all our current customers detailing their options for continuing or upgrading their service with us.

How do I continue my service with emPSN?

If you wish to continue your service with us, simply return the form that will accompany your letter by post, or by scanning and emailing back to us. Need help? Call us on 01604 879869.

How do I upgrade my service with emPSN?

To upgrade your service with us, contact us at sales@empsn.org.uk or by calling 01604 879869 to request specific upgrade options or additional application services. Alternatively you can submit the form below.

Can I add extra application services to my quote?

Yes of course. Get in touch with us to discuss the services you are looking at and we will issue you with a quote. Contact sales@empsn.org.uk, call us on 01604 879869 or submit the form below.

What happens if I want to cancel my service with emPSN?

Before you cancel your service, call us on 01604 879869 to discuss other options available to you. Contracts cancelled before the term ends are subject to early termination charges.

Are there any benefits of signing my contract early?

If you confirm that you want to continue or upgrade your service with us before 30th September 2019, you can benefit from your new connection sooner and any savings will be reflected in your first bill for the new service.

Can I upgrade at a later date if I continue my contract now?

You can continue your contract for another 3 years and, if you decide during the contract term that you need to upgrade your service to meet new requirements, you can upgrade without any penalty. Upgrades are subject to a survey and availability in your area.

What happens if I don’t get in touch?

If we don’t hear from you by 30th September 2019, your broadband contract will be automatically rolled over on a 1 year contract at a higher cost, as it will incur admin fees. It is in your best interest to act now and return your order form to us as soon as possible. Remember to think about filtering options too!

Have other questions?

Check our our FAQs or call us on 01604 879869.


Your Service with emPSN

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