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Pure Data Solutions
  • Offer a wide range of solutions, consultancy through to procurement
  • Can recommend, deliver, deploy and support technology for schools

About Pure Data Solutions

From Consultancy, through to Procurement, Networks to Enterprise and Storage infrastructures, Desktops to Thin Client…Pure Data Solutions can recommend, deliver, deploy and support technology that offers tangible business benefits. A fresh approach to IT.

Pure Data Solutions are an independent provider of IT Hardware, Software and infrastructure services. We advise customers on their IT strategy, implement the most appropriate technology from a wide range of leading vendors and manage and support their technology infrastructures on their behalf.

We are vendor neutral meaning we can supply best-of-breed product solutions, tailored to your needs. This, supported by an array of vendor accreditations and a far reaching supply chain ensure we’re your number one trusted IT provider.

Datahive Online Data Backup

Every school needs to ensure their data is safe and secure in case of any unforeseen circumstances that affects the in school IT infrastructure. Tape backup is slow and inherently unreliable – the new way is called the “Cloud” – backing up your encrypted data over the internet to a secure data centre located in the United Kingdom.

 Simply download the Datahive backup manager and then select the files, folders, Exchange files, file level Exchange, or SQL server backup files (the database used in SIMS) to be backed up.

You then set the backup schedule, time and frequency.

These will then be automatically backed up to the remote data centre. After the initial backup, which could take several days dependant on the amount of data and the speed of the internet connection, the backups will contain only changes to the data.

There is an option to supply a seed unit to be installed onsite, to speed up this process, which is subject to an additional charge.

The backup service will retain snapshots of the data for the previous 14 days allowing different versions of a file to be restored.

Restoring Data

Step 1: Login to the installed Datahive backup manager

Step 2: Select individual or groups of files to be restored

Step 3: Select a target location to restore to

Step 4: Click ‘Restore

The data is encrypted by using an encryption key which is under your control and is your responsibility to store securely – if this is lost, the data cannot be retrieved.  There is no way that any of the data can be retrieved or read without this key.


The reliability and speed of the backup is wholly dependent upon the quality and speed of the internet connection especially the upload speed.


Telephone support is provided Monday to Friday 0900 – 1700

Onsite support is available subject to an additional charge.

The Costs

12 Month Contracts :

50 GB  £167.00 excluding VAT

75 GB  £250.16 excluding VAT

100 GB   £334.00 excluding VAT

250 GB £416.60 excluding VAT

1 TB £500 excluding VAT 12 Month Contract / 36 Month Contract             £1,350 excluding VAT

Payable annually in advance.


To find out more call Michelle Lazenby at Pure Data Solutions on 0113 387 1070 or email sales@puredatasolutions.co.uk

Website: www.puredatasolutions.co.uk