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  • Offers simple to understand web filtering bundles to schools

About eSafety4schools

E-Safety experts specialising in supplying Ofsted required products and services

eSafety4schools have produced a simple yet effective bundle to cover the majority of services that schools require on an on-going basis.

All of the below services include provision, set-up, support and license.

*From 801 users, £3 per user.

For a full explanation of all services and what is included, please download the eSafety4schools Service Description Bundle to find out more.

If there are any additional services that are not part of this bundle that you would like to add to your service, please call esafety4schools 0333 344 6501 or email info@esafety4schools.com.

eSafety4schools Services

Web filteringpurple-robot-web-filter

  • Age appropriate – putting schools in control
  • Multiple Groups/Policies and Reports all AD linked
  • http and https by designation
  • Tablets and iPad’s Filtered


Protect eSafety Monitoringprotect

  • On Dec 22nd 2015 Nicky Morgan stated all schools should filter and monitor pupils Internet activity – ‘Protect’ does just that!
  • Monitored Future Digital and Web Filtering
  • Captures graded by ex LA Security staff reports as standard – school receives a service, does not require expertise or training but maximises the investment and quality of the monitorin

yellow-file-dome-backupCloud Backup

  • Pay by the GB for what you use
  • Encrypted while in transit and at rest
  • No licencing limits—backup all of it!!!
  • Servers and PC/Laptops backed-up

Remote AccessPurple-earth-remote-access

  • Encrypted Tunnel to schools resources
  • Data and connection are secure at all times
  • Enables Home/Remote working
  • Safe and secure



  • School filtering policy is applied to all users
  • No New Hardware required
  • All devices filtered for radicalisation by network module
  • Seamless set up and configuration

MS 0365orange-earth-email

  • MS AEP (authorised, educational partner
  • O365 support and migration so school owns its e-mail!
  • Free e-mail for staff and pupils
  • Supports mobile devices, full calendar and much, much more



  • Ofsted requires all data that leaves a school site to be encrypted
  • Safely encrypt hard drives, removable media, files & emails
  • FIPS 140-2
  • Hybrid-cloud based management server


eSafety4Schools Product Pricing Plan

Esafety4schools product pricing table


Web filtering

purple-robot-web-filtereSafety4schools delivers a comprehensive Web Filtering product directly to schools either over their existing Internet connection or via an LA network such as emPSN. The installation process takes 30 minutes & for primary schools 3 polices staff/pupils/SMT will be immediately set up and working. For Secondary schools AD integration is provided as standard thus allowing Web Filtering rules to be set up against each AD group. The school itself and/or its 3rd party support company (or LA) will be given administration access to an easy to use management interface.

From the interface the existing Web Filtering rules can be amended to suit the school and its Internet Usage Policy, you are in control—eSafety4schools will recommend which categories be allowed and which be denied but ultimately it is the Headteacher or Safeguarding officers decision.

Once set up the school can utilise the extensive pre-configured canned reports of ‘Top Allow site/Top Denied sites” etc, or build and schedule their own bespoke reports using the management interface, which can also be used to create unique deny pages with the school logo/colours & AUP eSafety4schools will assist you every step of the way from deciding which categories to add to the Web Filtering Rules for Pupils and staff to which weekly reports to run, feel free to call us for advise or assistance at any time.

Protect eSafety Monitoring

protectAll schools will be required to put in place strengthened measures to protect children from harm online – including cyber bullying, pornography and the risk of radicalisation – under plans unveiled by Education Secretary Nicky Morgan (22 December 2015). Under the proposals published today for consultation, all schools will need to have appropriate filters and monitoring systems, so that no child can access harmful content via the school’s IT systems and concerns can be spotted quickly”(www.gov.uk)

Protect eSafety Monitoring from eSafety4schools includes:

  • Active monitoring of Policy Central or Futures Cloud from Future Digital
  • Screen captures reviewed and graded by experienced ex LA officers, Captures created when predefined words and phrases are triggered
  • All captures are graded on a 6-point scale from False-Positives to Potential Serious eSafety Threats
  • Head teachers and designated Safeguarding Personal alerted to concerns
  • There is no requirement for Senior Staff to be trained in the use of Policy Central
  • Shared web filtering polices, and alerts – enabling quick and efficient updates that the school does not need to worry about.
  • Cost effective managed services that release school staff to carry out their day to day school duties

Cloud Backup

yellow-file-dome-backupesafety4schools doesn’t limit you in the way that many cloud backup providers do – we believe that your cloud space is yours and should be used however you like. Purchasing cloud space with esafety4schools means that you can use it however you like – your cloud space doesn’t have to be used with a server, it can still be used for almost any device—and as many as you like.
Mobility – esafety4schools allows you to view, share, and access your backups from anywhere, with any device with a web browser.
Security – you can also choose to use our Ultrasafe option which ensures your data is never recoverable anywhere or by anyone but you.
Multi-destination backup – backup your local data to any destination, anywhere. Including external hard drives.

The Technical Stuff
Flexibility and Value are Standard with esafety4schools
Bare metal backup and recovery for Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint, & more
Exchange Granular Recovery allows you to backup and recover by mailbox and by message
Backup and recover laptops, workstations, fileservers, and files & folders.
Encryption – three-tiers of protection for your school data
Send transactionally consistent backups to the cloud and keep as many historical versions of files that you require.

Remote Access

(only available to schools on an embc network connection)

Purple-earth-remote-accessDo you need to access your school’s server or desktop from home or other locations? Do you need access to critical applications or require remote support? Remote Access from eSafety4schools solution can help, it allows you to access the resources you require in your school from almost anywhere. Our remote access solution integrates directly into your desktop or laptop, no software or hardware required.

The Technical Stuff
Secure Access via VPN
No client required, uses windows L2TP/IPsec client
Access is secured by Layer 2 Tunnelling protocol with IPSEC ensuring that the connection and data are encrypted at all times
Once the IPSEC tunnel is established traffic is directed to our Radius server where the given user name and password are verified and an access policy is applied to the user
The Access Policy allows access to the IP address you specify. The user is now free to connect via an application required (HTTP, HTTPS, RDP etc.)


Configured in less than 30 minutes


yellow-ipad-trans-byodTo enable schools to benefit from BYOD eSafety4schools has developed a specialist offering that builds on our Web Filtering product already deployed throughout the embc network – or whom purchase an embc for schools Internet connection (see below)
Our internet access for BYOD and Public Access is transparently filtered and independent from your school network, making it safe and secure for everyone.

The Technical Stuff
We bring a virtual network (VLAN) into your school within the emPSN connection. No new hardware is required. We allocate the IP subnet, provide DHCP, and DNS. The BYOD filtering policy is man-aged alongside your normal filtering policies via our portal. Simply configure your access point to use our BYOD VLAN and you are ready to go. Optionally use our captive portal to assign BYOD user access, passwords and expiry.

How to move your services

If you are looking to move your services from your current application service provider to e-Safety4schools, please download the Moving Services to eSafety4schools within emPSN guide.

How to order

To order any of the eSafety4schools products or services please call 0333 344 6501, email info@esafety4schools.com or visit their website to find out more www.esafety4schools.com