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Service Providers

emPSN otherwise known to schools as embc, provide a number of educational services for schools including a catalogue of service providers supplying connectivity and applications services.

  • Registered emPSN Service Provider and directly connected to the emPSN network
  • Based in Spalding, Lincolnshire
  • Works mainly with primary schools
  • The Capita infrastructure is connected to the emPSN framework
  • Provides a cloud based SAAS delivered suit of education/ local government services and applications
  • Have been an emPSN service provider for four years
  • Part of the emPSN framework
  • Formerly known as Capital Bytes, rebranded in 2016 to e-Safety4schools
  • Offers simple to understand web filtering bundles to schools
embc Direct
  • Part of embc / emPSN
  • Enables schools to work directly with us rather than many different service providers
  • Single billing for all services, making finance more straight forward
F1 Group
  • Direct connection to the emPSN network
  • Established IT support company based in Lincoln
  • Capacity and resource to support schools in Lincolnshire
  • Part of the emPSN framework and main connectivity supplier to schools
  • Have worked in partnership with emPSN since the company was founded in 2000
  • Offers secure infrastructure and connection to schools, local authorities and the wider public sector
London Grid For Learning
  • Provides member schools with a wide range of resources
  • Part of the emPSN framework
  • Work in partnership with the NEN and Atomwide
  • Specialist Web Filtering provider to UK Education for over 15 years
  • Helps schools meet their Safeguarding and OFSTED requirements
  • Are the newest provider on the emPSN framework
Virgin Media through LGfL
  • Has over 15 years' experience working within the public sector
  • One of the most successful suppliers in securing PSN compliant services in the UK
  • Are part of the emPSN framework