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Audio Network

An innovative partnership between industry and education bringing UK schools a vast catalogue of orignally composed recorded music for use across the curriculum and for all ages.

Audio Network

Audio NetworkAudio Network is a fantastic music resource and comes to you via the National Education Network (NEN) and London Grid for Learning (LGfL).

It offers a comprehensive online music database, created by music professionals which is licensed especially for educational use, to be used within the classroom and the school community.

Audio Network and the NEN have worked together since 2003 to bring quality recorded music for digital production and performance in schools throughout the UK. The vexed question of music copyright is made clear for schools to use in the digital age and pupils and teachers are able to use the same materials as professional film makers and broadcasters. Music on the Audio Network website can be searched for by genre, ambiance and even mood!

Audio Network Access

As part of the emPSN network, access to Audio Network is completely free to our schools. Access is granted via IP (Internet Protocol) adddress and if your school uses emPSN, your IP address will be automatically recognised by Audio Network.

To find out more about Audio Network, please visit the website.

Please ensure that you accept the terms and conditions when you first go to the website and you will automatically have access to the entire website. If you have any problems, please call emPSN on 01604 879869 or email empsn@empsn.org.uk.