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How to buy

There are various options available. Schools can buy directly from the emPSN suppliers or they can buy from embc Direct. emPSN can also run tenders and mini competitions for your school, taking the hard work out of the buying process.

Buy from suppliers

Contact the supplier for a price and any other information you need. Place your order with the supplier and they will implement the service for you and invoice you for it.

Buy from emPSN

Contact emPSN who will obtain prices for you – this may be for a multiple of services from different suppliers. Place your order with emPSN and they will arrange for the suppliers to implement the service for you and give you one invoice for all services. There is an additional charge of £50 for this process but you also get the added value that emPSN will escalate any issues for you as well as the simplification of your order.

Run a tender

If the order value exceeds 200,000 euros per year then to adhere to UK and EU procurement law a school would need to run a competitive procurement process. emPSN can do this for you via a mini competition from the suppliers on our framework which reduces the costs of tendering.

A tender is an open market competition.

Run a mini competition

For schools, local authorities and district councils or other public services emPSN can run a mini competition from the suppliers on our framework.

To speak to us about a mini competition please contact us for details.

A mini-competition is only offered to the service provider companies on our frameworks.