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emPSN is a company established by East Midlands Local Authorities to provide services to the public sector. There are two companies emPSN SCo (Services Company) and emPSN ICo (Infrastructure Company).

The Board

emPSN ICo provides and manages the infrastructure whilst emPSN SCo manages the procurement of suppliers onto the emPSN catalogue, the brokerage of agreements with them and the monitoring of the service.

The companies are controlled by a Board of Directors who act in accordance with the Memorandum and Articles of Association, Rules of Membership and a number of other agreements in place to enable the company to operate.

The Directors of the Board

Mike Kendall

Managing Director – emPSN

Rebecca Cowan

Leicester City Council (Chair of Board)

Chris Newton

Derbyshire County Council (Vice Chair of Board)

Manjit Saroya

Leicestershire County Council

Simon Salmon

Nottingham City Council

Simon Oliver

Lincolnshire County Council


No director, but a member of the Company

There are three committees who advise the Board. The Finance Committee, Audit Committee and Teckal Committee whose membership is taken from experts in the participating local authorities.

Each year school members are given the opportunity to review and comment on the 5 Year Business Plan – a copy is provided below. If you would like to send your comments, please email them to empsn@empsn.org.uk

SCo Business Plan 2016 – 2021 Approved

Board Meetings 2018

Tuesday 16th January – Completed

Tuesday 20th February – Completed

Wednesday 21st March – Completed

Tuesday 1st May – Completed

Monday 21st May – Completed

Tuesday 19th June – Completed

Tuesday 17th July

Tuesday 21st August

Tuesday 25th September

Tuesday 16th October

Tuesday 20th November

Tuesday 18th December

Board Meetings 2017

Monday January 16th – Completed

Monday February 20th – Completed

Monday March 20th – Completed

Wednesday April 26th – Completed

Tuesday May 16th – Completed

Tuesday June 20th – Completed

Tuesday July 18th – Completed

Tuesday August 22nd – Completed

Wednesday September 27th – Completed

Wednesday October 18th – Completed

Tuesday November 21st – Completed

Tuesday December 19th – Completed